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Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: reviews, references


Leonid, 43. A bleeding stomach ulcer, general intoxication of the organism. Used: Lukab-magnator, Fruit Fiber, Biyovis Tea, Vitamins, Elixir, Active Balm, Aloe Juice. For a week feel better (the pain in the stomach and vomiting blood passed), blood tests improved (raised hemoglobin, normal bilirubin, which was three times above normal).

Male 70 years. Acute poisoning stopped after a single dose of the solution of the elixir.

Mamaeva V.,

Male, 45 years old. Ulcer 12 duodenal ulcer with nickels. Within 28 days of receiving drug treatment and at the same time 6 times a day in turn used the gel and elixir. Examined after treatment - the ulcer is not detected, and even have a scar.

Lyudmila S.,

Girl, 18 years old. Poisoning by salt fish. Asked for help when it's been 12 hours. Was vomiting and diarrhea. Temperature 40. Nothing wanted to drink, but once 25 drops of the elixir still drank. It was enough that morning to go to College.

Murata L.,

Girl, 20 years old, was sick with gastritis and increased acidity. One month used tea BIONET®, the elixir and the active balm, magnetic treatment has completely solved the problem.


Man 50 years, has poisoned by fish. The condition was serious, but the use of the gel BIONET® and elixir inside has helped to get rid of the symptoms of poisoning for 24 hours.

Movchan L. O.,

Woman of 36 years got rid of long lasting heartburn stomach using 20-25 drops of the elixir.

Kalitich M.,

Acute gastritis. 25-30 drops of the elixir in 100 ml of tea 4-5 times a day. Balm – a pea 2-3 times a day inside. After 3 days a significant improvement. Seven days a complete cure.

Acute poisoning. Tea + elixir (30-40 drops) in 100 ml. of tea every hour. A day full recovery.

Kornienko V.,


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