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Traumatology: reviews, references

Hot tea burned my gums so that there was nothing I could eat. Having at hand the balm BIONET® and elixir, I every 15 minutes take a pea balm and kept in the mouth, alternating with sips 5 drops of not dilute elixir. This procedure was repeated four times a day. Three days later from the burns left no trace.

Melnik N.,

Man received burns to the shoulder by an electric current. Several times smeared the burn active balm in the evening the pain was gone. Blisters was not.

Trunova Antonina,

Granddaughter, 10 years old. Crushed knee. Immediately said nothing. The next day the wound was festering. Disinfected dental gel and made a bandage with gel - impregnated gauze. By evening the redness around the wound has gone and the wound was covered with a light film. The procedure was repeated the next day in the morning and evening. Then smeared active balm. On the third day it healed the no need for a bandage anymore.

Shynkaruk T.,

I accidentally poured on your hand 2 l of boiling water. Uded spray with elixir and rubbed. After 5 minutes felt a burning sensation, which after 10 minutes has passed. Hand did not even blush.

Chernega S.,

I broke my arm. Had the elixir BIONET®, so anesthetized to 25 drops in half an hour. Two hours later, the anesthesia did the doctors 2 ampoules of novocaine and put my hand "in place". Displaced fracture and fragments "chained" in the cast. The house was appointed to drink pain medication: baralgin, but after the first reception there was an allergic reaction to the medication. I switched to BIONET®. 1. Elixir, magnetic therapy through day to night and vitamins BIONET®. 2. Gel smeared the tumor after removal of plaster. Two days and the tumor was gone. Then 3 times a day for two weeks. Arm healed in ten days. Again was put in a cast to immobilize the arm in a normal position. Everything went quickly and without consequences. No arm pains on change of weather.

Murasta L.,

Male 36 years old broke leg so that it was necessary to do surgery. After surgery the leg was swollen, she developed a hematoma. Wanted to open the seam to put the drainage. Smeared liberally with gel in the evening and morning. Hematoma gone.

Boy, 10 years old. Compression fracture of the spine. Smeared fracture site balm, gel, cream energy, took tea BIONET®, Calcimax, vitamins. A year later, the orthopedist could not believe that he had a fracture. Now the boy is playing football. Sore feet, as the year was without movement. Purchased magnetic insoles and the pain gone.

Tupitskaja E. Y.,


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