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Therapy: rewievs, references



Male, 37 years old. For the company with wife used Lukab-Magnator. At the first session went sand from the kidneys, of which he was unaware.

Women, 43 and 55. Attacks of gallstone disease well reduces with Calcimax.

Maiko N.,

Alexander, 50 years. With acquisition magnetic bracelet headaches gone, became more active, more cheerful.

Irina, 35 years. Colds with high fever, headache. Took the Elixir with warm Tea Bionet and for instillation of nose. Cured for three days.

Galina, 55. Chronic fatigue intoxication. Used Lukab-magnator, fiber, tea, vitamins. First was the rash on the skin, in the end cleaning the rash disappeared. Feels better.

Mamaeva V.,

Pollinosis. Allergy to poplar fluff, starting in may, and blending smoothly into the allergic to ragweed in August and September. This is all within 5 years. The ozonator in the apartment plus in the period of exacerbation undiluted Elixir buried in the nose. A year has passed. A significant improvement. The Allergy has receded. It took 2 years. Allergy was not renewed.

Aniskin A.,

Greatly chilled, and began an acute attack of pyelonephritis. The solution on the kidneys was applied to Active balm + Gel. Under the tongue Active balm + elixir Tea BIONET® helped slightly. The attack was filmed with Lukab-Magnator. Three days in a row Lukab-magnator for 10 minutes.

Young man, 28 years old. Complications from the flu. Solution: Elixir 3 drops in each ear, active balm and closed with cotton wool. Lukab-Magnator scheme + wraps with Gel. After 7 days - full recovery.

Zakharova N.,

Girl, 18 years old. Complications after the transferred flu. For a year's hard of hearing. Applied the Balm on turundy in the ear. After 2 weeks, the deafness passed.

Woman, 45 years old. Chronic tonsillitis, frequent colds. Applied the Gel, and Vitamins. Swallowed a pea of the Gel morning and night for months every day, then when you get sore throat. For almost a year not strep throat. The tonsils are clean, not inflamed.

Shelestyuk Olga,
Trostyanets, Sumy region.


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