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Diseases of the cardiovascular system

Diseases of the cardiovascular system: reviews, references


I am 63 years, for many years suffer from arthritis, ischemic heart disease, cardiosclerosis and many other diseases. A year ago I got a pacemaker, however, regularly took antiarrhythmic drugs were interruptions in the heart. After a monthly course of treatment with BIONET® has made the cardiogram. The result: disruptions in heart there is almost no need to take medication, improved bowels, no constipation. But the amazing thing is that fingers, "warped" arthritis from an early age, almost straightened. Seeing the results, I continued to drink the tea BIONET®,  fruit fiber, an active balm throughout the month. Notice improved vision, can see the readings on a digital clock without glasses, which did not exist before.

Shynkaruk T.,

1937 y.o., Bronislava. Stroke 18.11.2004. Used Lukab-Magnator became less headache.

Mamaeva V.,

Male, 65 years of age. After suffering a stroke poorly acted one side of the body. Applied magnet, elixir, balm topically and inside. After a month of use began to function normally, and after 3 months he went by bike.

Shelestyuk Olga,
Trostyanets, Sumy region

Diagnosis: stroke in line with right middle cerebral artery, tserebroskleroz II degree, hypertension III degree, a pressure of 250 x 140, seizures, memory loss. After taking tea BIONET® + elixir pressure dropped to 180 x 100, and if you have been taking blood pressure pills, it is 160 x 80. Convulsions did not recur, without anticonvulsants. The noise in my head – smeared temples, forehead, neck with gel + active balm in five minutes the noise goes away.

Zemlanoj N. M.

My parents installed the ozonator Selva in the bedroom. It was installed after she had a stroke. Parents regularly magnetotherapy courses, Lukab-Magnator. Six months later, the mother recovered fully after a stroke, she is 78 years old, my father, who is 83 years gradually passed a cardiac cough, which suffered for 12 years.

Oksentyuk T.,

Two years ago I started to use the elixir of company BIONET® to relieve the pain of heart. Saw elixir 20 drops in 50 ml water 3 times a day for two months. I got rid of the stone in gall bladder size of 0.8 mm, which was fixed on the ultrasound. It was an unexpected result, this confirmed my belief in the products, and I started to work actively.

Loyko O.,

Thyrotoxicosis severe. Surgical operation diffuse goiter. Residual effects: tachycardia, shortness of breath, angina I-II degree. Calling an ambulance every week with pain in the heart. After 5 months of using the products of the BIONET® gone is the noise in the ears, the head, first climbed to the third floor stairs without panting or stopping platforms, the breath was no noise or whistle, your heart rate is almost normal. Heart pain does not bother me. For 6 months in the services of an ambulance are not needed.




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