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Pediatrics: reviews, references


Girl, 12 years, hemoglobin 100. One month vitamins 1 tablet 3 times a day. Hemoglobin was 135.

A child of 4 years. On the face of keloid scars after burns. Excellent result after applying 3 tubes of actave balm Biyovis.

Girl, 5 years. Food poisoning in kindergarten. Brewed Biyovis tea 2 liter, gave drink to the child with the elixir. After 3 hours the problem was withdrawn.

Chernega, S.,

Teenage girl. Inflammation of the two branches of the trigeminal nerve and the painful eruption of wisdom teeth – balm topically on the tongue and gums. Treated for two weeks.

Boy, 4 years. Due to congenital staph intestinal dysbiosis. Often treated in the hospital, but the digestion was not satisfactory, low hemoglobin, poor appetite. Used Elixir and Vitamins. After a few days got better, after 1 month blood test showed an increase in hemoglobin of 27 units.

Boy, 3.5 years. Ascariasis 3 months, inflammation of the pancreas, within six months some times got to hospital, bad eating, low weight. Used: Fruit fiber, Tea, Vitamins, Colonfit, Elixir, Balm. Feels better, noticeably grown, a month and a half there was no aggravation.

Maiko N.,

Girl is 12 years old. Temp. is 41.50C. Bilateral pneumonia. Complicated by obstructive bronchitis and otitis. Every half hour alternately Active balm under the tongue, Elixir with warm water. Five times a day lubricate body with balm, especially the soles of the feet and hands. Laying the Balm in the ears (otitis media passed after two times). 15 days – lungs are clear. No medications were used.

Aniskin A.,

Grandson 6 years. Obstructive bronchitis with asthmatic component. The attacks were repeated very often, three times per month. Solution: in the room turned on the Ozonator Selva and held a cleaning body (Tea BIONET®, an inhalation with elixir, Fruit Fiber, Vitamins). Gradually, the seizures began to decrease, and now the grandson is healthy.

Zakharova N.,

Girl, 14 years old. Sinusitis 4 years, the adenoids, doctors recommend to remove. Applied the Balm, Elixir, Gel in nose + Balm. Oiled projection of the maxillary sinus + pea of Balm under the tongue. After 3 months made the test. Himaruya clean sinuses, adenoids decreased, should not be removed.

Child, 3 years. Low hemoglobin, poor appetite. Took Vitamins. After a month of taking the hemoglobin level is normal. Eats normally.

The child is 1 year old. Teething. Temperature, poor self sympathy. Gel smeared gums. A pea of Balm under the tongue. No fever, not fussy. Gel very much, he asks to lubricate the gums with gel.

Shelestyuk Olga,
Trostyanets, Sumy region


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