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Dentistry: reviews, references


Toothache. The solution: Lukab-Magnator and frequent use of the Gel on the affected area.

Zakharova N.,

Woman, 45 years old. Periodontal disease. Red inflamed gums, exposed tooth neck, bleeding gums. After applying the Gel, gum bleeding ceased on the third day, a month tighten the gums is inflammation. Now apply the Gel regularly.

Shelestyuk Olga,
Trostyanets, Sumy region

Suffer from periodontal disease more than five years. In 2000, made surgery of the gums of the lower jaw. Pain resumed after two months. For three years, using a dental gel, the pain stopped, the bleeding decreased significantly.

My husband had a tendency to the formation of cysts on the roots of teeth. Two or three times a year had to use surgery. In three years of use a dental gel was not observed any deterioration.

Soltis G.,

In the treatment of a tooth the arsenic accidentally fell on the mucous membrane of the tongue and throat. There was a very strong pain, three days a woman could not speak, eat. Applied: several times to rinse with the elixir, and the rest of the time for 5 days smeared the wounds with gel every 2 hours. On the second day of treatment of purulent wounds burst and pus flowed out. The pain gradually passed.

Oksentyuk T.,

The family of three people regularly use dental gel BIONET® for toothbrushing. 6-year old child has new teeth white and healthy. My grandmother and mother's teeth are white.

Rakitina S.,

Periodontal disease. Tea, fiber, vitamins, gel, balm, elixir. Three years to the periodontist do not apply.

Kornienko V.,

My husband had a toothache, inflamed gums, swollen cheek. Elixir plus gel - the pain and swelling disappeared overnight, went out the pus. The intervention of the physician is not required.




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