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Urology: reviews, references


Man, 83 years. Suffered for many years with gastritis, adenoma. After six months of treatment with magnet courses, while constantly taking the elixir, he felt great relief of the whole body completely disappeared, problems with the stomach and 50% with adenoma. Very pleased with the products, intends to continue to use it.

Valentine M.,

Woman, 40 years old. A kidney stone (the size of 2-3mm). After 2 month of wearing a Magnetic bracelet was examined on an ultrasound. The tests showed that the kidney stone no.

Woman, 53 years old. Used magnetic therapy for stone formed in the gallbladder. After 4 courses of magnetotherapy (Lukab-Magnator) was examined on an ultrasound. The contours of the stone is eroded. Also gone is the node on the thyroid gland and hemorrhoids.

Vasynuk Valentine



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