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Ophthalmology: reviews, references

Male, 40 years old. The eye was burned by superglue. Eye instantly formed a cataract. A lot of pain. Dissolved Elixir 1 to 15 with boiled water. Instilled the eye. Then immediately laid over the eyelid Active balm. The procedure was repeated after 40 minutes. The thorn was gone, but in its place formed a hole. Repeated the same 2 more times with an interval 40 minutes. In the morning his eyes were completely healthy.

Aniskin A.,

In women inflammation of the eye – barley. Washed with antibacterial soap and water, smeared with balsam and the gel. In the morning she repeated the procedure and everything went.

Tupitskaja E. Y.,

Girl is 16 years old. Seven years ago received the eye injury, underwent 7 operations, used balm 4 times a day topically drops of elixir + magnet. After a month had to be the 8th surgery, but to the surprise of the doctors the operation was cancelled. The doctors confirmed the effectiveness of our products and recommended to continue the treatment.

Skrypnyk T.,

Woman, 47 years old, working with a computer inflamed mucous membrane of the eye, has appeared rez in eyes, frequent blinking. Used BIONET® Active balm for eyelid and on the tongue 3-4 times a day. After a week all symptoms disappeared.

Yevtushenko N.,

When working with a computer I have very tired eyes there are pains in the eyes. Eyelids began to lubricate with Active balm. Discomfort went fast and in the evening could read.

Laponog T.,



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