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Pulmonology: reviews, references


Woman, 60 years old. Cough and breathlessness for 4 months after a cold. Treatment had no effect. Ozonator for a few weeks solved the problem.

Maiko N.,

I am 50 years old. Six months suffered from bronchial asthma. Expensive treatment for several months. The condition worsened. Had to start using a rescue inhaler. Put an Ozonator in the room. At the same time the course Lukab-Magnator. After 2 weeks significant improvement. Stopped using the inhaler. On the 6th floor was able to climb without a lift. Added the use of the Elixir. It took six months. The condition is excellent. The past 1.5 years – diagnosis is good.

Kuleshov V. D.,

Male, 46 years old. An avid smoker. Night awake coughing. Cataract. Used Balm in the eye, a pea under the tongue 2 times a day for 3 months. Along the way, left the cough.

Woman, 40 years old. In the summer time coughing to vomiting, 2 months conventional treatment nothing. Used Vidanga, Vitamins, with gel was brushing teeth and swallowed the foam.

Shelestyuk Olga,
Trostyanets, Sumy region

Woman, 46 years old. Bronchial asthma, liver problems and stomach. Worked in a factory "Khimvolokno" 7 years. Before March 8 decided to clean pan: boil it in detergent with bleach. Sharply felt choking. Thought she would have to call an ambulance, as those drugs which it is used, the effect was not given. She remembered that she has a Elixir Biyovis that she acquired a week ago, 2-3 times used, and the seizure passed.

Orlyanskaya S.,

My husband for 13 years suffered from bronchial asthma. Traditional medical long-term treatment results have not given. Allergy was medicinal, household, food. Treatment: ozone generator Selva, elixir and balm. After 5 months condition significantly improved, use the products within 6 years.

Movchan L. O.,



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