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Biyovis® Holding Hungary Kft., which includes the BIONET® Company, founded in 1994 and launched its activities in Central Europe, in Hungary. BIYOVIS Holding headquartered in Hungary and has sales offices in European countries.

Our online store is the distributor of BIONET since 2004. We provide a full range of company products in the Ukrainian market and also deliver to other countries. Our goal is to help everyone to maintain excellent health, physical and spiritual state to achieve financial independence.

Biyovis company offers natural products of high quality for daily use, made from medicinal plants, which are used for the preservation of health, and at an affordable price. The products contain the active substances of high purity, high quality, clinically tested and under permanent control, has no side effects, fragrance and artificial dyes that cause allergies. With regular consumption of these products you can avoid many problems related to health, to get positive health results, if you already have health problems.

Our manufacturing plants and laboratories have certificates of quality that meet the most stringent requirements, and work under constant international control

ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 22000-2005, GMP.


   Reducing harmful effects of the environment on the human body (including cellular level).

   Recovering of damaged cells.

   Increasing the resilience and protective forces of organism, i.e. normalization of immunity.

There are two immune systems: the excited and depressed. The uniqueness offered by the BIONET company means is that when the excited state of the immune system decreases this excitation, in particular as a result of destruction and removal from the body of the immuno complexes; and if decreased immune status is increased in connection with the effect on the production of interferon in the body. Given the immunomodulatory effects, this production belongs to the group of onkoprotektor.


   The first group is the devices (for purification and ionization of air, structure of water, magnetic therapy, detoxification, etc.).

   The second group - phytoproducts, i.e. products manufactured from medicinal plants.

Features phytoproducts is that it is made by lyophilization (i.e., freezing at low temperatures with subsequent drying and grinding), which allows to preserve the power of Oriental herbs, bioenergy plants. For the manufacture of phytoproducts used raw materials collected in ecologically clean regions of the globe, but about 80% are grasses of the Eastern regions. In the training camp has accumulated 5000-years experience in the use of medicinal plants.


  • exclusive products of the highest quality for Your health
  • professional advice based on 12 years of experience
  • fast order delivery in any point of Ukraine and the world
  • discounts, possibility to build own business
  • relevant information online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

A burn from boiling milk...... Very extensive. Not even a trace remained through the gel. We saved more than once!
Lyudmila, Dnepropetrovsk
We take the whole family dental gel more than 5 years how to care for the oral cavity and for wound treatment, allergic rash. About toothpaste long forgotten, and the services of a dentist during that time saved not enough money! Special thanks to the store for efficiency)
Elena, Kharkiv
Use active balm for over 10 years. Similar means is no longer met!!!
Lyudmila, Moscow
Thanks to the gel and balm I was able to heal extensive burn, no scar left!)))
Christina, Henichesk
The gel is really cool! 10 years use. Effect of oral is cool, but I would put this topic on the average plan, because medical and prof effects of its use in various diseases, especially for female and skin problems, is just striking!
Alex, Vinnitsa
About the PUREX I got positive feedback most. Took all three phases, get rid of bowel problems for which I bought this set (solved the problem of dysbiosis). Noticeably improved physical condition, the words to Express difficult, it needs to feel! And that is not expected - lost a few pounds. I recommend everyone to participate! Your body will thank you and in return will give you a sense of youth!
Nadia, Kiev
My famely use only the antibacterial soap for a decade and friends share too. Was the price lower, people would buy this soap by the ton!
Alex, Vinnitsa
Was very sensitive to changes in the weather, which was accompanied by headaches. Lukab-Magnator helped to get rid of this problem, I do 3-4 courses per year.
Maria, Lviv
Suffer from osteochondrosis of the cervical - had frequent headaches, high blood pressure, weight. First time 3-4days as wearing a magnetic bracelet, I felt an internal discomfort. Now I feel good despite the spring period (period complications). Wear a dayly. Has improved performance. Plus a nice decoration.
Ruslan, Zhytomyr region
Biyovis Tea know for a long time, really cleanses the body. Headache is gone after this tea, and fruit fiber. In our time without cleaning the body can not do. My brother after tea cured psoriasis and low back pain.
Valentine, Minsk
Use the ozonator Selva for several years. The air in the apartment was fresh, not felt odors! I also want to note the better rest during the night. The difference we felt when for a time gave the ozonator relatives to borrow... By the way, about our relative's asthma. After three weeks of use attacks became less. Great device, I recommend everyone to install this.
Anton, Kiev
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