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Dermatology: reviews, references


Male 33 years. Furunculosis of the face. Each spring had to be cut open 2-3 furuncles. Within 20 days of drinking tea BIONET® the face was cleansed. For 3 years his face remains clean, the skin is smooth, no recurrence.

The child is 4 months old. Skin irritation. Bathe using antibacterial soap. Irritation quickly disappeared.

Woman, 65 years old. Within a month was treated concerning herpes zoster. Pain interfered with normal life. Balm smeared the lesion 4-5 times a day. The next day came relief, and after 12 days of denying there is not a trace. Woman happily working at their summer cottage.

After taking antibiotics the man began focal alopecia. Used regularly hair complex BIONET® (gel + shampoo Nanomed), and after 2 months the lesions of alopecia disappeared completely.

Trunova Antonina,

Young woman complained of the unpleasant smell of the feet. On the feet the skin is clean, no sign of disease. A few times she washed my leg with Antibacterial soap. How much was from her grateful words to the address of the company BIONET®!

Chernega, S.,

Male, 50 years. The diagnosis: shingles. Used active balm during the few days – it's all over.

Maiko N.,

Male, 75 years of age. Suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, during the year, the shingles on the back, sides and abdomen. Internally used the Elixir, the Balm, wound Balm. On the second day began a healing, a fully improved condition for a week.

Valentina, 42 years old. Cold sores in nose and top. Applied Balm to the affected area and on the tongue. Cured for a week.

Galina, 54 (Vinnitsa). Partial baldness is the top of the head. Three months of use complex for hair (Shampoo and Gel Nonmed) significantly increased the amount of hair. Continues treatment.

Mamaeva V.,

Woman, 35 years old. 30 years ago, completely bald. On the face is missing eyebrows and eyelashes. Carried out diverse treatment for many years. To no avail. Used BIONET Active balm® – oiled area of the eyebrows and eyelashes, using massage brushes rubbed into the scalp. After 2 months, began to grow eyebrows and a full head covered with hair of a length of 5 mm.

Molchanovskiy N.,

Girl, 20 years old. For eight years she was worried about the problem of psoriasis, the rash was in the area of the elbows, neck and on the head between the hair. Start to use the products BIONET®. 1st month – tea BIONET®, fruit fiber, active balm, vitamins BIONET®; 2nd month – tea BIONET®, active balm, elixir, antibacterial soap, body cream; 3-months – tea "tears of the Dragon", vitamins BIONET®, body cream, antibacterial soap, elixir, active balm, all signs of the psoriasis had disappeared from the skin, only left some places with light pink spots. For the past 3 months, used shampoo and hair gel BIONET®. Now use the product with the purpose of prevention. For two years, this problem is hardly worried.

Martyniuk N.,


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