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Endocrinology: reviews, references


Woman, 52 years old. Was enlarged thyroid gland, irregular. Completed treatment: tea, fiber, vitamins, gel, elixir, balm – 1 course. Examination at the clinic showed that the thyroid gland became normal. After 3 courses of magnetic therapy normalised pressure.

Orlyanskaya S.,

Four years I was treated by traditional methods (an endocrinologist) nodular goiter II degree. The results of the ultrasound I was upset. The nodes on the right lobe of the thyroid gland has not disappeared and has not decreased, and in addition appeared in the left lobe. I thank fate that I met a man acquainted me with the products of the BIONET®. Started treatment with tea and fruit fiber. Then constantly applied magnet courses, elixir, active balm (under the tongue and on the projection of the language). Six months later again had an ultrasound. Results - the initial symptoms of nodular goiter. Continue to take all the same, connected Fatsorber. I have the feeling that dumped 20 years. Once again I thank all who work on the production of this product.

Valentine M.,

Patient 47 years. Diffuse toxic goiter, enlarged thyroid gland in 189% from maximum age rule. Use detox foot SPA, Active balm inside and on the projection of thyroid 2 times a day, Lukab-Magnator courses, Calcimax, tea "Tears of the Dragon" for 3 months led to a decrease in thyroid 51% of the maximum age norm.

Simonova N. V.
Dymer, Kyiv region

Diagnosis: gallstones, nodular goiter.
Used: Lukab-Magnator 8 months, Active balm, program "PUREX phase 1". Did the procedure detox SPA. Elixir and Digecol.
The result: no Stones, the thyroid gland is not worried. The diagnosis of nodular goiter doctors not re-confirmed.

Samkova Lyudmila,

Patient 37 years. The diagnosis of Nodular toxic goiter II stage, subcompensated. The main complaints were: poor sleep, irritability, anxiety, occasional headaches and unstable blood pressure. Appointed Lukab-Magnator + Active balm. All complaints within 2 weeks disappeared, blood pressure has stabilized, sleep at least 10 hours a day. For me, the use of Bionet products gave the possibility to solve the health problems of patients who don't want to be treated with classical medicine.

Belik Julia,
Doctor in General practice, family medicine,

Patient 45 years. Diffuse goiter with hyperthyroidism mild. Osteochondrosis of the spine with the phenomenon of osteoporosis shoulder joints and pain. Took Sanavita, Calcimax. A month later the pain decreased. Ro-program of the shoulder girdle. Recorded a decrease in the manifestations of osteoporosis in two times. Continues to use Biyovis products.

Salo L.,
therapist, Uzhgorod



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