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Surgery: reviews, references


I after injury to the head tumor with a goose egg. Surgical intervention with subsequent medical treatment was not effective. As a result, after about journey – progressive tumor. I used products BIONET®: elixir liberally soaked bandage on the tumor for 2 weeks every two hours.

Hair restoration: the active balm at night and massaging massage brush, in the morning wash your hair. Twice a week wash your hair with shampoo, shower gel, balm. For two months, complete recovery of hair, the tumour had shrunk.

Mogilka N.,
Yurchykha, Cherkasy region

My grandmother is 97 years old. Three years ago she was bitten by a dog. Single wound measuring 4 by 5 cm, and another of the same size, but very deep. After one day, the stitches ripped open, wounds festering. Began to do the ligation with the gel. The small wound healed in 3 weeks, and deep for 5 weeks. During all of this she didn't drink a single pill of aspirin and went, stepping on the affected leg. Considering her years, surgeons complete healing is not guaranteed.

Chernega, S.,

Woman, 58 years old. As a result of physical activity has shifted blood clots in the leg veins, did not set foot on the right foot. Sent to the surgical Department for an operation to remove the veins. Used: a mask for the feet several times a day and Lukab-Magnator. After a week in hospital came to the conclusion that surgery is not needed. Within two years using Lukab-Magnator and thrombophlebitis never bothered.

Maiko N.,

Woman, 90 years old. Thrombophlebitis within 30 years. Legs blue-red with black, swollen, constantly cold. 5 courses of therapy (each session shortened to 2 times). The blood clots disappeared, legs were pink and took the usual form. Varicose still there, but for the first time in 30 years felt on feet the heat went.

Molchanovskaja O.,

Woman, 35 years old. Hemorrhoids, applied the Gel, Balm topically and orally for 2 weeks. A month later the hemorrhoids are gone.

Shelestyuk Olga,
Trostyanets, Sumy region

Woman, 75 years, cardiovascular problems, thrombophlebitis, resulting in a pressure increase of 120 x 200. Drinking tea BIONET®, fiber, vitamins, BIONET®, active balm. Last gently rubbed into the blood clots in the leg. Cleaned teeth with dental gel, used 2 courses of magnetic therapy. In one month of use of the products, the thrombi fully resolved, improved health, blood pressure is normal.

Martyniuk N.,



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