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MEGAVIT. Vitamins and minerals complex for children

MegaVit is a multivitamin with rosehip and echinacea extract, in powder for children, with a pleasant orange flavor.

Megavit is a complex of multivitamins and minerals in the form of a powder mixture, which is diluted in water and used as a drink for the daily balanced replenishment of the child’s body with essential vitamins and minerals, for growth, for physical and mental development, for strengthening muscle, immune, endocrine, nervous systems, and to maintain stable work of the whole organism.

Recommendations for use

  • as maintenance therapy for colds;
  • as a prevention of hypovitaminosis and lack of minerals;
  • as prevention of rickets;
  • with unbalanced diet;
  • as an additional source of vitamins and minerals with poor appetite;
  • in support of the body after illness.


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