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DETOX Foot Spa


 New and effective solution
in the health preservation industry
and improvement of the human physical condition


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Array - consumable detail for DETOX Spa. Approximately 20-40 treatment sessions, it is recommended to replace.


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DETOX Spa device designed for inference of toxins, heavy metals, cleansing the blood lymph. If regularly use detoxication the body, You eliminates the causes of pathologies, improves physical condition and health.



What are toxins and detoxification of the body?

In every human body there are a certain amount of harmful substances called toxins (from the Greek. toxicant - a poison). They are divided into 2 large groups:
Exotoxins - harmful substances of chemical and natural origin, which enter the body from the external environment with air, water, food, etc.

Often exotoxins comes with:

  • food poisoning (toxins, microbes, fungi, nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals, etc.).
  • inhalation of air saturated with harmful impurities (for example, in large industrial cities, in hazardous work, in ecologically unfavorable regions);
  • when receiving excessive doses of alcohol;
  • when medical intoxication (administration of drugs containing toxic substances or taking large doses);
  • many other sources and ways of penetration of toxins into the body.

Endotoxins - harmful substances which are formed in the organism during its life.

Especially a lot of them appear in various diseases and metabolic disorders (bacteria, viruses, mycotoxins, parasites):

  • disruption of intestinal dysbiosis;
  • impaired function of the liver - the different forms of hepatitis;
  • disease rathausglockel - tonsillitis, pharyngitis, influenza, acute respiratory infections;
  • periodontitis, parodontosis, gingivitis;
  • kidney disease;
  • allergic States;
  • stress, etc.

Toxins poison the body and disrupt its smooth operation (most often immune, hormonal, cardiovascular and metabolic functions). This leads to worsening of various diseases and prevents healing. Toxins reduce the body's resistance, the deterioration of the General condition and fatigue.

Aggressive flow and the formation of toxins in the body is very high and they occur constantly. The toxins accumulate in the filtration system, if the liver is unable to recycle them. Accumulate because the body is aging, weakens the reaction of the hormonal glands and organs, and filtration of toxins occurs more freely than in childhood, youth or in adulthood. Whole life accumulates more toxins that adversely affect our entire body.
In the human body there are various systems and organs that can destroy, neutralize and remove from the body harmful substances. This system of the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, gastrointestinal tract, etc. However, in modern conditions is becoming increasingly difficult to cope with the aggression of toxins.

There are many different methods, ways and means of removing them from the body. Each has its advantages. However, by applying something detoxifying (deducing toxins from the body) means you need to evaluate the benefits of its use. In each case, "cleansing the body" sometimes has to be individual. It is best if a detoxifying agent in a certain state of the body prescribed by a doctor.
The main reagent in the fight against toxins are oxidants substances that help to improve the bacteria flora in the intestine and the operation of the filtration system. Such oxidants we can take the device DETOX SPA.
In the last decade, different instruments and patches, which are able to extract from the body poisons through the skin.
When conducting a detoxification with the DETOX SPA device from the body toxins and accumulated in the water.
The basis of the mechanism of action of the device DETOX SPA - electrolysis of water and the appearance of (+) and (-) charged ions. Obtained in the process of electrolysis, the water becomes biologically active, as a consequence, water acquires a high energy, which is clearly determined by the method of gas discharge visualization. Direct current low voltage is an adequate stimulus to the human body. The passage of current changes the conductivity and polarization of tissues, in the tissues of the organism are complex biophysical and biochemical processes, occur in different physiological reaction that causes the therapeutic effect. Naturally, all this only happens if the ratio of negative ions is within certain limits. DETOX SPA device sets the optimal level for each patient and this not only removes the poisons from the body, but promotes the formation of these effects.

Thirty minutes two or three times a week, and our body will be cleared in two weeks! A systematic procedure is not difficult, even for a busy person.

What you want to achieve during this time? The device performs a special ion therapy. When water is ionized and split into H+ ions and OH - they can travel through the body and neutralizing opposite charged particles and through powerful osmotic pressure, pull those neutralized toxins out of the body through the feet. Color changes in the water and changes in saliva pH indicate that toxins are removed from the body. This ionic therapy, which lasts no more than half an hour, you can achieve quick and reliable removal of poisons from our body!

What toxins are present in the water after a detox?

Depending on what kind of lifestyle we are such toxins, and excreted through the skin.
Water can contain a variety of substances:
radionuclides, carcinogens, preservatives, nitrites, nitrates and pesticides, some medicines and chemicals, mycotoxins and parasites.

For example: our body can get heavy metals from dental fillings made from synthetic materials based on tin, aluminum or cadmium.

When carrying out detoxification we must understand that abuse of this process is undesirable, since can be excreted and nutrients - vitamins, enzymes, proteins, salts, etc.

Analysis of toxins

The combination of water, salts and array changes the color of the water, even if not to dip foots in the water and in the water can appear different ingredietts. Because water quality varies in different regions, and the color of the water will be different in different regions. Also vary in different regions of the disease-specific disorders such as arthritis, problems of the bladder. Part of the metal electrode on the loss of metallicness, increases the metal material in the water. It is necessary to have more experience and observations in order to determine where the toxins. The higher the salinity of the water, the more effective the treatment. If the time of treatment there are black spots in the water with them 20-40% arise from the quality of the water, the remaining 60-80% comes from the body of toxins. If you feel an unpleasant smell, water is no longer suitable for further treatment (it is necessary to replace the water).

We will systematically clean our body, it will thank us for it! The human body very effectively gets rid of poisons through the skin. Why not help him? To do this, probably, is not easy. Indeed, to achieve substantial detoxification of the body through the skin for a long time it was only possible due to food additives, synthetic drugs, intense heat (sauna) and the movement and combinations!


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