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The use of the DETOX Spa to cleanse the body of toxins

I want to share my reviews and the reviews of the employees of my structure of use Detox SPA for cleanse the body of toxins. Watching the action of this device, it's safe to say that the apparatus and methods simply unique.

DETOX Spa BioWoman 57 years, had cleaning Detox SPA, had a history of allergic reactions to almost all drugs and many foods. Used 5 treatments, at the 3rd procedure was a slight rash. After that, for the first time in many years she was able to eat one chocolate candy and drink 20 grams of cognac. Such luxuries as chocolates, she could not afford for many years. In this period the woman continues to do the procedures, and we hope that we will have data samples of allergic and clinical tests that will confirm the positive changes that take place in her body.

58 year old woman, underwent 10 procedures for cleaning the machine Detox SPA. Before going through the procedures she underwent computer diagnostics in company BIONET. Computer diagnostics showed that a woman has the following changes: cholecystitis, pancreatitis, gastritis, varicose veins and hypertension of the second degree. She used cleaning the machine Detox SPA, and also took Vitamins, Elixir, CalciMax, and constantly wearing our magnetic jewelry bracelet. The woman began to feel much better, become more relaxed and balanced, blood pressure dropped to 130 over 90. Varicose veins were treated using a mask for the feet, foot pain and swelling decreased venous walls tightened and improved.

Female 66 years, the doctor-therapist, therefore was able to do clinical tests before treatment on the unit and after. Here is the data it analyses, at 66 years of age had small changes: hypertension, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, ultrasonography showed the presence of a kidney stone of size 0.6 to 0.8 cm After completing 9 treatments improved overall health, stabilized blood pressure, kidney stone, reduced to a size of 0.4 to 0.5 cm, bilirubin 27 decreased to 14.2, cholesterol dropped from 8.7 to 5.9 mmol/litre, and beta - lipoproteins was 6.8 steel 4.8 g/l, total protein was 72,6 at the rate of 85 g/l. Potassium in the blood increased from four units to 4.78, Such positive results are encouraging and give us confidence that the cleaning is properly.

I together with my family is also going through treatment at this unit and we all noticed significant positive changes. In particular this autumn and winter our family absolutely does not hurt. No SARS or acute respiratory infections or bronchitis. Improved General condition. Became more deep and restful sleep. The child passed the rash on the skin, that is, the cleaning is deep and effective.

Another interesting case is the purification of man 42 years, who works with paint products. At work hazardous working conditions and the technological process does not allow him to apply properly the ventilation system. So, working on this production for several years, the man said that his condition is much worse, lethargy, fatigue, very frequent bronchitis with the release of copious foul-smelling sputum. Plus work in a constantly standing position added varicose veins and cramps in the calf muscles. The man was took cleaning complex when there was no machine Detox SPA. He took Tea collection, Fruit fiber, Vitamins, bought a Mask for the feet and MAGNEMAX. His health dramatically improved. And when there was a Detox SPA machine, he began to be treated on it, also noting that for this autumn-winter period, no acute respiratory infections, no bronchitis, no cough either.

The most unique case in our structure - male 33 years old alcoholic with the experience. Came to the emergency Department with a diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver. At admission was liquid in abdominal cavity, swelling and a complete lack of appetite, refusal of food. In this critical condition, the doctors tried to restore it back to life. Efforts were not in vain, but not effective enough. Doctor sent him home with the expectation that the man has left to live for 2-3 weeks. When for this family suggested  BIONET products, they grabbed this, like a lifeline. The man took the Bionet Tea, Vitamins, Elixir, "Tears of the Dragon" tea, took cleaning the machine Detox SPA and drank our water activated for two months. There was a question about the work - man began to feel very good. when he was brought to the hospital, the doctor was shocked - he were preparing for the funeral, and his mother bought a gorgeous suit. But now they have decided that this costume will come in handy for other purposes.

Olga Lobanova,
dentist, 20 years of experience, Rivne


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