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The solution to the problem of joint pain

In the autumn increases the likelihood of not only colds, but because of the cold weather - joint disease. Changes the joints that are popularly known as rheumatism can be divided into 2 main groups: the osteoarthritis associated with wear of the joints and arthritis, caused by inflammation. In both cases, a significant role is played by the change in the quantity and quality composition of the liquid in the joints.
In the case of arthritis, inflamed mucous can not produce enough synovial fluid, and in the case of osteoarthritis worsens blood flow to the joints, doesn't make enough of the synovial fluid, and the viscosity and lubricating properties are insufficient (very liquid). Also slows down the metabolism in articular cartilage, decreasing elasticity, they become more sharp and bony, and all loose particles irritate the inner walls of the joints that causes severe pain.

dietary supplement Green ShellCapsule Green Shell offers a new method for the treatment of rheumatic patients. In the composition of this product contains shellfish powder with green and protein sea fish that contain a large amount of glucose-amino-glycan (GAG), which helps the body produce synovial fluid and prevents diseases of the joints. GAG makes synovial fluid thick and elastic — so the joints gain mobility. Thanks to this lubrication, articular cartilage regain the nutrients, you receive the ability to recover. Acute pain diminishes or completely disappears.

Capsule Green Shell BIYOVIS better because it contains natural raw materials from New Zealand the highest concentration of active ingredients, of the highest quality and in the largest doses.

Recommended in case of problems:
- rheumatic and articular diseases;
- inflammation of the joints;
- wear of the joints;

Recommended for:
- for all, because with age increases the likelihood of rheumatic diseases;
- people who are overweight;
- athletes;
- who suffering from problems of the musculoskeletal apparatus.

Taking the capsules does not cause pain in the stomach and intestines. Thus, the capsule not only restore articular cartilage and reduces pain, but also protect digestive system.

Antirheumatic effect capsules Green Shell it is recommended to supplement with Blueberry tablets. Because the majority of joint diseases occurs so that thin capillaries, or rather their walls, in the joints, under the influence of certain enzymes are violated the blood move into the nearby tissues and cause inflammation. The main active substance of Blueberry tablets, the so-called anthocyanidin, being powerful antioxidants that neutralize these enzymes that destroy the capillaries, and in this way prevent the occurrence of joint inflammation. They also stabilize collagen, the protein which is the main building blocks of joints and is responsible for healthy functioning of the joints.

The effect of Green Shell:
- prevents aging;
- neutralize free radicals;
- helps to ensure the dye in the eyes of the so-called yellow spot;
- improves clarity of vision improves vision at dusk, at night;
- helps in the treatment of various inflammatory processes;
helps with diarrhea, urinary tract infection, stomach ulcers and kidney stone disease;
- strengthens the walls of the small blood vessels and capillaries;
- improves peripheral circulation.

Bertsy Ishtvan,
manufacturer of dietary supplements
Biyovis Holding,


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