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DETOX Spa Bio: Instruction Manual


DETOX Spa Bio - cleansing and detoxification system for human body

General information

The device for detoxification DETOX Spa Bio

Confirmed by the fact that accumulated in our body toxins are the cause of pain, weaken the immune system, increase the risk of one or the other disease. It is impossible to avoid toxic substances in our body together with food, water and inhaled air. They has prevented the normal functioning of our body. These are, for example, materials in food additives: flavourings, colourings, preservatives as well as chemicals, fragrances, exhaust fumes, heavy metals, etc..

Further aggravating the situation are the consumption of too fatty and spicy food, lack of movement and stress. Probably not accidental is the fact that the majority of people suffer from insomnia, fatigue, memory impairment, complains of pain or suffering from diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, rheumatism, gout, asthma, etc.

 DETOX SPA BIO-06 Device for purification and detoxification of the body - a unique opportunity for regular release in our body of toxins and cleansing of accumulated toxins. Using the device is simple, the frequency of application depends on the age and takes approximately 30 minutes.

In the history of our planet there are presently a huge number of toxic substances, and therefore, to maintain health and avoid diseases, you must regularly cleanse the body. The blood carries to each of our cell the toxic substances and harm the excretory organs. If some organ is not working properly, then it stuck toxins that weaken the body and we lose energy, vitality. Toxins and poisonous substances are deposited and accumulate in the tissues and organs of the body, thereby overloading our organs of excretion and the immune system. This condition becomes a source of many complaints and diseases, so even for healthy people useful systematic detoxification of the body using negative ions. Treatment ( minimum course of 14 treatments) give tangible results: improving the human condition, there is a feeling of relief and freedom.

Under the action of the device, the water breaks down into energy ions (negative and positive). These active energy ions through the blood stream into the body, charging it with negative ions. Resulting in increased energy level, and thus the work of enzymes. About 30 minutes of using the device enough to from the body fast and effectively removed the toxic substances.

Free radicals and health

Free radical - a certain kind of active molecule, which is formed in the human body. Under normal conditions, the oxygen which takes part in metabolism, reacts with hydrogen and water. However, 4-5 % of the content of oxygen forms superoxide anions, and of these, there is the hydrogen peroxide. Anion superoxide and hydrogen peroxide - both are free radicals. Free radicals regulate the transmission of signals between cells, destroy viruses and bacteria, at the same time, due to the high content of oxygen is extremely unstable. However, if the body has too many free radicals, they can attack the membrane of the sheath cells, the mitochondrial membrane, and can promote lipid peroxidation. The liberated lipids release more free radicals that launches the chain reaction of free radicals. In the result of a damaged membrane structure, and is in a long period leads to the destruction of cells and can lead to the formation of various diseases.

The impact of negative ions on the human body

I. effect on the nervous system: it increases brain activity, increases work capacity, improves sleep quality. Promotes oxygen to the brain.

II. Effect on cardiovascular system: it has an effect on the blood vessels, keeps cholesterol levels at a proper level, prevents sedimentation of lipids on vascular walls, activates blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure. Negatively charged ions help hypertensive patients in recovery.

III. Effect on circulatory system: negative ions slow down the blood flow, make the period of blood clotting long, increase the content of oxygen in the blood.

IV. Very good results were achieved in cosmetics. For example, negative ions are able to heal perfectly charred skin, healing cold sores.


About Detox

Some compounds (both natural and synthetic based) is able to engage in interaction with the endocrine glands (internal secretions) and hormones, such as chemical detectors and transmitters of information body check and direct the development and activity of the body. Block or mimic hormones which are produced naturally raising thereby hormonal balance of the body.

Our cells are able to selectively perceive and defer compounds, natural toxins too. Accumulated substances exceeding certain limits can harm the body.

The urea (different nitrogen compounds), organic chlorine compounds metals and heavy metals getting into our bodies and there are abounding changing inherited properties of the immune system, reduce protective capacity and increase susceptibility to disease..

The above-mentioned toxic substances can damage the protective functions of the organism to such an extent that the organism is not capable, or not capable adequately to react. Endocrine disruptors alter the amount produced of hormones or prevents the hormones to where they can show their action.

After the procedure only a small part of the molecules in the water are electrolytes. Such as glucose, urea and creatinine.

Urea contains an important element, the ammonia that is harmful to the body's metabolism product of biological processes of mammals. Leather throws itself from toxic substances or wastes, including water, salt and urea that occur in the process of energy utilization of amino acids. Nutrients pass through the sweat glands and from the body out through the sweat pores of the skin.

Creatinine is a protein generated by the muscles and released in blood. In one human body produced its quantity is relatively constant. The creatinine level in the serum is determined by what proportion it appears that most sootvetstvuet level of kidney function. If kidney function decreases the creatinine level rises. Normally creatinine is produced by skeletal muscles by the decomposition of creatinine phosphate in order to fill them with energy. Bodily moisture (liquid) also contain charged organic molecules.

Proteins of glucose between the membrane act as carriers to move the glucose through the shell into cells. This mechanism is able to explain the presence of glucose in the bathing water.

Very noticeable, as the device helps get rid of ammonia ions, which also pose toxins to cells. Ion ammonia can easily take the place of potassium ion, his presence weakens the muscular and nervous activity. Exemption from ions of ammonia gives a person undergoing treatment with a feeling of vitality and strength in the legs.

Detoxification is like a walk on the beach, but the sensation is much more intense, because Your feet come into direct contact with ions present in water. In the water, in perfect balance are the positive and negative ions. Since the human body consists of 70% water, so the body and the water in the foot bath easily interact. If you put feet in the water, under the influence of weak vibrations of toxic substances out of the body. It's a good feeling and painless process.



Water can change color and components during detoxification. These changes occur due to the fact that poisonous substances, components of water, salt content, metal content in the electrode, the acidity or alkalinity of the human user react among themselves. These factors affect the changing colors of the water and if the feet are not lowered into the water. It is important to understand that water changes the color and if you put in plastic bowl only the electrode itself. These color changes occur due to the different chemical components, which are part of water.

Of course, when you put your feet in the tub and the water color will change depending on how the body has accumulated toxic substances. At the end of the procedure, the electrode and the walls of the bath are deposited contamination that is easy to remove with detergents. The tub can be vystelit polyethylene film, it is easier and faster to clean and keep clean.


The bamboo infrared belt

According to the latest studies, the bamboo charcoal is produced from 5 year old bamboo tree that retains warmth very well. Bamboo charcoal emit negative ions, and absorbs electromagnetic radiation. Belt warms the body, reduces muscle pain, increases cell activity and improves circulation.

- Reduces tension and hardness of muscles, relieves spasms
- Activates blood circulation
- Reduces pain
- Makes skin elastic
- Helps in the treatment of inflammation, swelling, sweating.

Infrared light therapy is a kind of heat therapy, which is:

- Activates microcirculation on a molecular level
- Improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients in the cells
- Improves the resistance (resistance) of the immune system
- Removes toxins from the body if the far infrared rays reach the body, the molecules of water and waste products start to heat up, and then start to vibrate. After that, the water molecules come off, causing the toxins removed from the body.
- Accelerates regeneration and recovery.
- Activates the metabolism
- Stimulates hypothalamus
- Beneficial for joint inflammation, sore muscles, cramps, pain in joints and shoulders, in the treatment of symptom of Rained.

Place the bamboo belt on the period of the procedure on the body, it can be the lower back, abdomen, neck, arm or thigh. Connect the plug of the belt to a black socket on the rear of the device. To enable the infrared radiation press button switch on/off from the top of the device. Pressing the MODE button, select temperature mode: low (L), medium (M) or high (H). The value set has the red glow. Using the belt it is possible independently, regardless of the method of purification of toxins, only the main switch located on the rear panel of the instrument must be in the enabled position. Through therapy you can get rid of excess weight, enhance hair growth, strengthen the immune system and improve overall health. Using the device can improve health, but not to replace necessary medical treatment.


Features wristband

1. Time: 0.1 second
2. Safe and reliable to use
3. The value is adjustable
4. Water resistant
5. Easy to clean under the appropriate conditions
6. Antistatic
7. If you are allergic to metal can cause irritation


Important information

Who the use of the device is recommended?

- Hard working persons, nervous exhaustion, smokers and consume alcoholic beverages.
- With a weak immune system
- Working in a contaminated environment
- Likers fatty foods
- Diabetics, hypertensive patients suffering from inflammation of the joints, gout and post-traumatic treatment.

What should be pay attention when using the device?

- Persons who have low sugar levels before starting therapy should eat before the procedure. The detoxifier lowers blood sugar in diabetics and causes the same symptoms in people who do not have diabetes but have high blood sugar levels. Before conducting detoxification it is advisable to eat as in the body may decrease the level of sugar, which can cause poor health.

Individuals who take medicine to regulate the heartbeat, you should also be careful, but the therapy for them is also possible. Carefully, starting, for example, 10 minutes.

- Detoxification can also be performed for patients who undergo dialysis, patients with diabetes mellitus and taking insulin or patients suffering from a rush of blood for heart disease. Reasonable cleaning helps to dissolve the toxins that the heart and kidneys no longer able to dissolve, but does not prevent the influence of drugs and does not modify insulin levels. In use however, one should be extremely careful.

- Can be used for individuals with a metal prosthesis implanted in the body (eg: hip prosthesis ), but be careful, as some of these patients occurring electromagnetic fields can cause discomfort. In this case, immediately stop the treatment!

- Children aged 8 to 15 years of age must use the device for 15 minutes. For adults, the time of purification is 30 minutes, for the chronically ill - maybe 45 minutes. For persons under the age of 50 years is recommended to clean 1 every 2 days, and after 50 years - 1 time per 3 days. One course is 14 procedures. Then, a 2 week break, after which the course may be repeated.

- In the process of detoxification, except toxins, from the body can be excreted in small amounts other substances, such as calcium, starch, carbohydrates, etc. These substances recommended to recharge using vitamins, mineral water.

If anyone has any doubts about the treatment, ambiguity or question regarding the use of the device, be sure to seek the advice of a distributor.


Warning before using the device

1. do not use the appliance if you are wearing any electromagnetic product (pacemaker);
2. do not apply the device to the damaged areas of the skin;
3. pregnant and nursing women should not use the device;
4. not recommended use for children up to 8 years;
5. before use, it is recommended to drink liquids, preferably mineral water;
6. patients who have undergone implantation of organs, it is not necessary to use the device;
7. also do not use the appliance if you are on psychiatric treatment.

Notes for operation of the device

1. never touch the power cord of the appliance with wet hands, take care of security;
2. protect the device from impacts and heavy objects;
3. always wipe dust from the external surface of the device, for purification do not use any chemicals;
4. the buttons press down gently;
5. a wrist belt can be used on either hand;
6. on the main device should never get in the water. Don't use the device longer than 3 hours;
7. the water temperature should always be appropriate;
8. if you see a warning sign (ARRAY NOT IN H2O OR SALT REQUIRED) it is recommended to change the water;
9. the electrode should be changed in that case, even if you already saline it is impossible to raise the energy level to a value in the range 1.7 — 2.1 (A);
10. regardless of color of water at each treatment session and for each person, you should begin the process of purification of toxins with clean water.


The procedure of detoxification


photo 1
procedure preparation
  photo 2
the start
of the procedure
  photo 3
after 10 min.
photo 4
after 20 min.
  photo 5
after 30 min.
  photo 6
the completion
of the procedure
(after 30-40 min.)


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