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Dietary supplement Green Shell

Dietary supplement Green ShellThe idea of formula of Green Shell BIYOVIS - to give the body a full set of "construction" elements and nutrients necessary for rebuilding cartilage.

The scientific search for such drugs has long been directed to the sources of raw materials of cellular origin.

The idea was that from the natural product to get a full band glucosamine (modified Sugars), which could be easily transported from blood plasma in the cavity of the joints, intervertebral discs, synovial bags and synovial sheaths, tendons, providing regenerative processes barrier and trophic functions of these agencies.

Clinical studies begun in 1960, show that these requirements correspond to the drug Green Shell obtained from varieties of ribbed clam that live in the waters of New Zealand.

Specific effect glycosaminoglycan and chondroitin sulfate derived from marine mollusk Green Shell, is evident in the synovial environment of the joint. That is where it is most often necessary morphological and functional recovery of these components of the joint like synovium, synovial fluid and articular cartilage.

In medical literature the term "glycosaminoglycan" continues to be synonymous with the term "mucopolysaccharides". These are complex compounds whose molecules consist of a protein component with attached carbohydrate chains.

Glycosaminoglycan (mucopolysaccharides) are part of the intercellular substance of most connective tissues contain in skin, bones; synovial fluid, cartilage, joints, capsules, vitreous and the cornea, connective tissue fibers, blood vessels, and heart.

Together with collagen fibers and elastin form a matrix or "ground substance", which contains fibroblasts, which are the main cells of the connective tissue, synthesizing glucosaminoglycan, i.e., mucopolysaccharides.
Here in this "self-production" of mucopolysaccharides in the human body is built to their biological role, which is not only limited to the fact that they are a "base", "bonding" and "lubricating" materials.
These compounds play an important role in the processes of growth and tissue regeneration, fertilization and reproduction, cell membrane permeability and many others to ensure the normal functioning of the body systems.

So why did we have to give preference to Green Shell, not the real anti-inflammatory, or other food "revolutionary" additive that is recommended for diseases of the musculoskeletal system?
First, glycosaminoglycan based on clam Green Shell can be easily transported in the layer of the cell membrane. It is proved that these substances are supported by the glycocalyx cell plasmolemma. Glycocalyx plays a significant role in the contact interactions of cells. It is associated with antigenic properties of cells.
Secondly, this drug is beneficial to look from a position of scientific substantiation of cartilage regeneration. Because it is due to the undifferentiated cells of the perichondrium, i.e. at the expense of 1-type chondrocyte  — of young active cells with high rates of DNA synthesis. And all the cartilage of education, with the exception of the articular cartilage covered with a perichondrium composed of dense fibrous connective tissue rich in blood vessels.
Thus, these cartilaginous formations are able to provide targeted nourishment purely natural substances contained in the product Green Shell.
Thirdly, a special role is attributed to natural glycosaminoglycans derived from such a living material, which in its origin they could not participate in immune reactions inherent in the environment organisms are highly organized animals. Scientists believe that these substances are at the same time have a relationship to the receptor site of the cells, as a universal stimulator of cellular biochemical reactions.

From this it follows that glycosaminoglycan and chondroitin sulfate contained in the product Green Shell, there is a special demand for recovery of the synovial membrane, synovial fluid and articular cartilage in rheumatoid arthritis and all kinds of nonspecific deforming polyarthritis, inflammation of the subcutaneous axillary and supraspinous synovial bags (synovitis), inflammation of synovial sheaths of tendons (tendovaginitis) and degenerative-dystrophic changes of intervertebral cartilage - osteoarthritis.

It follows that in this situation, when the mass spread of these diseases, and if insufficient, invalid, "own production" glukozaminoglicanov Green Shell is specific bimolecular additive of regenerative destination to the changed structure of cartilage and synovial environment.

But the main thing is that consultants of the BIONET company rational purpose Green Shell in combination with other drugs (Tea collection, Vitamins, Fruit fiber, Fatsorber, Lukab-Magnator, Active Balm) in the complex of medical-preventive measures (passive design and therapeutic exercises) to observe the incredible outcomes. Thus, when deforming nonspecific polyarthritis joints acquire a configuration close to normal within a few weeks. Rheumatic arthritis is suspended the destruction of the synovial membrane, which is confirmed by laboratory tests. Control over the dynamics of regenerative processes in spinal osteochondrosis is conducted using MRI. Control of excessive excretion of glucosaminoglycans is carried out using screening tests. And the introduction of new information-logical technologies in medical science and practice enables to control the constancy of the energy-informational intercellular connections in the body in treatment with Green Shell.

So, an individual dosage in accordance with the data comprehensive health assessment of each patient, medical control of homeostasis - the way of the effectiveness of Green Shell.

"Thread of life" - BIONET, from small to great, from simple to complex. Cell to help the cell — the ideology of the ancient science of health. The ideology of self-sufficient and wise, like life itself, gives to mass use Bionet products for health purposes, start the beginning of the development of international public health.

Klishch Vladimir,
doctor, candidate of medical Sciences,


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