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FLEXIFIT Reducing joint and muscle pain. Improving work of blood vessels and cells

Why do we need FlexiFit?

FlexiFitUse of supplements helps to reduce pain in the joints and ligaments, with minimal risk of developing side effects. Improper care of joints reduces the activity level of our lives. Joint pain reduces efficiency, degrades the quality of human well-being on vacation and at home. Painful joints lose flexibility, become rough, wiry. Today it is almost impossible to cure rheumatic patient, so the disease should be prevented.


Composition, properties and characteristics

FLEXIFIT - dietary Supplement in capsules contains MSM, horsetail, horseradish root, mustard seeds.

The majority of the population over the age of 40 are struggling with some joints problems. Improper condition of the joints greatly contributes to deterioration in the quality of life. Swollen, painful joints not only reduce performance, but also reduce the opportunities of active rest and even make it impossible to perform the simplest of daily tasks. For statistics in Hungary and 1-1. 5 million people suffering any disease related to erasing cartilage of the joints. Osteoarthritis ( bone inflammation of the joints) is on the first place among the reasons leading to the restriction of movement. The process of osteoarthritis is damage, breakdown of joint cartilage, increase of deposits on the surface of the bone. Damage to the surface cartilage between the bones hard to heal. Changed joints become less flexible, tough. The disease usually starts without complaints but the population over 65 years is almost entirely affected by this disease. In women, it occurs more often and the likelihood of disease increases with age. In the first place is a disease of the joints of the knees, then arms, and hips. Due to increasing loads, overweight increases the disease. For the treatment of painful changes little hope, so in the first place, more puts forward the prevention and inhibition of degradation, and weakening complaints. FlexiFit serves these goals.

One major component of the FlexiFit is MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane).

MSM is widely used as a pain reliever, is one of the types of organic sulfur. MSM is responsible for the necessary elastic ligament between cells. More than half of the sulphur that accumulates in our body is in the muscles, skin and bones. Without sulphur there is no collagen, the primary constituent of cartilage and connective tissue and is responsible for the stability of their relationship. Flexifit helps collagen formation and growth of the joints, skin, hair and muscles. The product also helps to restore the membrane structure of cells, their healthy functioning, removal of toxins, the absorption of nutrients.

Although MSM is an organic sulfur compound found in nature, which is present in every living organism – fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat under the action of heat treatment, boiling and baking, the MSM content in food is reduced. Therefore it is necessary compensate the body daily dose of MSM to make up for additions to the menu.

Due to the higher content of sulfur, horseradish and mustard are important components of the FlexiFit. They increase the effect of MSM to reduce inflammation and together with horsetail may reduce inflammatory processes and dulling of pain.

Method of application
Three times daily 1 capsule before meals with plenty of fluids. Not to overdose.


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