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Using of the DETOX Spa in the complex treatment and prevention of internal diseases

Under the influence of environmental factors and chemical substances used in the food, agricultural, pharmaceutical industries etc. are formed and allergic diseases, and chronic diseases in which drug treatment is not effective. In such cases, it is appropriate to fundamentally new treatment - detoxification, i.e. direct removal from the internal environment of the human toxic substances.

Detoxification was carried out in medicine before. Even the great Hippocrates the founder of medicine, wrote that "Medicine - addition and subtraction. Removing of what is superfluous and add what is missing. And who is this best done - the best doctor". However, the most common methods of modern medicine are aimed mainly at the introduction into the organism of various drugs. The development of efferent methods of therapy and such,  which is aimed at the excretion of toxic substances, was detained in connection with the lack of a simple, inexpensive and available devices. And only in the last decade technology has enabled to bring them to a wide medical practice.

DETOX Spa BioIn Ivano-Frankivsk city's clinical hospital No. 1 in the integrated treatment and prevention of internal diseases use DETOX SPA by BIONET (Biyovis) Company for 6 months.

Principle of method: under action of the device, the water breaks down into energy ions (negative anions and positive cations). These negatively charged ions through the blood stream enter the lymph system of the body, charging it with negative ions, help to detoxify the body. The result eliminated from the body products disorder cells, toxins, antibodies, allergens, bacteria, toxic substances, pesticides, salts of heavy metals, radonuclides and other toxic substances.
In addition, negative ions have a positive effect on the human body:
- nervous system: helps the oxygenation of the brain, increase activity, improve sleep quality;
- circulatory system: promotes the elasticity of blood vessels, prevent the deposition of lipids to maintain proper levels of cholesterol, improve blood circulation, stabilize blood pressure, increase the content of oxygen in the blood, cleanse the lymph of the blood.

The bamboo infrared belt treatment: helps in the treatment of inflammation of the joints, swelling, sweating, Raynaud's syndrome; relieves pain and cramps in muscles, pain in joints; skin; stimulates blood circulation and microcirculation on a molecular level; improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients into the cell, accelerates the regeneration and healing; stimulates the hypothalamus and activates metabolism; removes toxins from the body; improves the resistance of the immune system.

The benefits of DETOX in comparison with other methods of efferent therapy, namely with membrane plasmapheresis:

- not connected with a pin connecting the Central veins of the patient to the unit, injury to the veins;

- reduced length of procedure: on the device enough 30 min. DETOX to cleanse the body as other methods of efferent therapy - from one to four hours;

- the versatility and general availability, sterility and safety. And today, when the AIDS and hepatitis B and C are very common, the question of sterility and safety is relevant;

- DETOX and membrane plasmavores allows carrying out the procedure as in the clinic and in the outpatient setting. But SPA treatments can hold any person, not a doctor, and membrane plasmavores - only health professionals;

- the conduct of procedures SPA is simple, enjoyable, and most importantly, effectively.

In our hospital has decreased the number of sessions of membrane plasmapheresis with the advent of device DETOX.

A total of 569 SPA treatments. Clinical diagnoses: gouty arthritis; rheumatoid arthritis; plechelopaterny a periarteritis; drug Allergy; food Allergy; food poisoning, alcohol intoxication, acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, acute, erosive gastritis, chronic hepatitis, intoxication azotemia, hypertension And flocks.; hay fever, erysipelas (infectious-allergic disease of a person from the group of infections of the external integument, which is characterized by the development of serous-hemorrhagic inflammation of the skin (or mucous membranes) and others.

There were on the course on 7-10-14 procedures. Clinical effect of 90-93%. There were no complications.

The procedure of detoxification for patients with mixed clinical diagnoses:

- chronic viral hepatitis, drug and food allergies, hypertension II stud., chronic non-obstructive bronchitis;
- inflammation of the facial nerve, hypertension And stud., diabetes mellitus of mild severity;
- deforming coxarthrosis, lymphedema;
- encephalomyelopathy, hypertensive disease of II stud.;
- severe community-acquired pneumonia severity, angioedema, bertoncini III stud., condition after ischemic stroke in 2006 p.;
- Coronary artery disease. Atrial fibrillation, paroxysmal form. Hypertension And stud., diabetes type 2 of moderate severity, diabetic nephropathy III stud.; bronchial asthma, moderate severity. VSD, osteochondrosis of the cervical-thoracic spine.

Clinical effect is 78-83%.

Clinical diagnoses:

- psoriasis, erysipelas, lymphedema;
- chronic bilateral adnexitis. Ovarian cyst. The menstrual cycle;
- furunculosis;
- hematogenous osteomyelitis;
- varicose disease of the lower extremities;
- rheumatic disease, herpetic infection, giardiasis.

The clinical effect is 53-55% due to incomplete course of treatment.

The use of DETOX in combination with drug therapy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, ozone therapy, magnetotherapy increases the possibility of long-term remission and recovery in patients with the above diagnoses. Especially, I must say, there are positive results in the refractoriness to medical treatment.

Here are a few examples from practice.
Even a one-time procedure SPA in combination with an Elixir inside gives a quick and positive result for food poisoning (including alcohol), allergic reactions, acute pancreatitis (the diagnosis was confirmed with additional methods survey: according to the ultrasound, diastasis urine -128 units) - the phenomenon of pancreatitis completely removed, on the same day evening the patient drank coffee with cake, not a diet.

The patient 64 age. Diagnosis: Chronic viral hepatitis, drug and food allergies, hypertension II, neobstrelyannye chronic bronchitis; with persistent refractory to medical treatment. Took a full course of 14 treatments SPA in complex with magnetotherapy and herbal medicine: Tea collection, Fruit fiber, Elixir, Kombucha with rosehip Calcimax internally. After the first treatment — pain relief in joints, normalization of blood pressure.
After the second procedure - reduction of edema in the lower extremities and face. After the third treatment, has improved the function of the musculoskeletal apparatus. After the fourth procedure - gone allergic rash hives on the skin of the shoulders and arms. After the fifth procedure - lost 5 kg, no swelling, no pain and heaviness in the right hypochondrium. Hemoglobin level (at admission 85g/l - anemia of moderate severity) increased to 125 g/L. After the tenth procedure was relieved in the cervical spine, no dizziness and back pain, improved walking and health. After the fourteenth of the procedure - no complaints, feels healthy, with the effect of rejuvenation.

The patient, 52 age. Diagnosis: Gouty arthritis. Completed a course of 7 treatments. Immediately after the first treatment, pain disappeared in the right knee joint which was not removed long course of medical treatment, non-narcotic and narcotic analgesics. Improvement walk. After a course of treatment - removed the redness and swelling of the right knee joint. Normalized blood pressure and sleep, functions of musculoskeletal system. Normalized rheumatology test, rheumatoid factor and uric acid.

The patient, 68, diagnosis: Deforming osteoarthritis, lymphedema (elephantiasis). After five treatments lost 10 kg, decreased joint pain, swelling went down on the lower extremities.

The patient, 45, diagnosis: Erysipelas of the right tibia. After three treatments in combination with Active balm and Tooth gel internally and topically full recovery.

Patient, 37, diagnosis: Encephalomyelopathy. Despite a long course of medical treatment, could not walk, no felt below the knees, was no effect. After six sessions SPA in the complex with the membrane plasmaphoresis began to walk and recovered the sensitivity of the lower extremities.

The patient, 42, diagnosis: Bronchial asthma, infectious-allergic form, moderate severity. After three sessions in the SPA complex with cormano ceramics, amartel inside 1 table. on the day - disappeared daily occurrence of asthma, improved sleep and overall health.

Female patient, 24 years. diagnosis: Urethritis. Giardiasis. Toxoplasmosis. Chlamydia. Herpetic and cytomegalovirus infection. Mastopathy of the right breast. Cysts right ovary. Conducted three sessions in the SPA complex with herbal medicine: Fitovit, Elixir. Normal body temperature (before treatment 38-39°C) disappeared lower back pain and urination, normalization of biochemical indicators of blood, namely, the Ls protein of 70.6 g/l, cholesterol. - 6,37, Ls. -18,41 bilirubin; direct bilirubin - 3,95 (before treatment zag. protein and 92.7 g/l, cholesterol. - 8,5; bilirubin Ls. - 28,93; direct bilirubin - 7,89). According to the ultrasound: kidneys-nephroptosis, ehostruktura ratio of 1:1. Urinalysis is normal: protein is not detected, the -3 leukocytes 0-1 in the field of view (before treatment, protein 0,033 g/l, leukocytes 80-100 in sight.). Sample "Nechiporenko" also in normal leukocytes 2500 to 1 ml of erythrocytes and cylinders were not identified (before treatment: 50000 leukocytes in 1 ml of red blood cells and cylinders is not detected).

Treatment with DETOX successfully completes the Arsenal of traditional methods, replacing in many cases medication. Remember, cleansing Your body - You improve yourself.

Fedorak Tatiana,
doctor esperantology, Ivano-Frankivsk


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