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Vitamin products of BIYOVIS (Bionet) Company is intended to replenish the body with vitamins, minerals, trace elements necessary for a full and healthy daily functioning. The products are made from natural raw materials, environmentally friendly, strengthens the protective properties of the body, enhances immunity.

BIYOVIT Gold (tablet)

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1 505,00 грн

Recommended when mental work, frequent stressful situations, for students. Replenishes vital vitamins and microelements. Improves brain function, strengthens the heart. Promotes the production of male germ cells.


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595,00 грн

Contains natural coral calcium. Recommended for keeping and recovering bone health, nails, hair, teeth. Shown in pregnancy. Has a high degree of absorption in the body (up to 90%).


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665,00 грн

Vitamin and mineral complex for health and beauty, to restore the work of many body systems at the cellular level. First of all, it supports and strengthens the immune system. Promotes the prevention of malignant processes and infectious diseases of the upper

FITOVIT (drops)

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525,00 грн

Обладает целебными свойствами растений, благодаря которым воздействует на организм как иммунорегулятор. Применяется при симптомах: вирусных, бактериальных, гипериммунных, грибковых, воспалительных заболеваниях.


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805,00 грн

Effective with frequent colds, weak immunity, after and during antibiotics, with ARVI, hypoavitaminosis and low overall activity and depletion of the body.

OPTIVIT (tablet)

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700,00 грн

Includes 11 kinds of vitamins and 6 minerals. Especially recommended in cases when the body is extremely necessary to replenish with vitamins and minerals. Such cases can be: vegetarian lifestyle, diet to lose weight, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

RECNACOL B17 (drops)

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805,00 грн

Slows the aging process, helps to restore the body and the vascular system, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, stimulates the digestive tract, has cancer protective properties. Has an analgesic property that relieves pain without the aid of

VITAMIN (tablet)

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665,00 грн

Vitamins BIONET strengthens protective properties of the body, improve immunity. Contain vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, fats, carbohydrates, folic acid, iron, biotin, dietary fiber. Do not contain added sugar, so ideal for children, adults, and people who


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630,00 грн

Normalizes the activity of the immune system, protects cells from oxidative stress and helps to reduce fatigue.

VITAMINS D3 and K2 in poppy oil

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1 155,00 грн

Recommended for strengthening immunity, cardiovascular diseases, anemia, oncology.


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525,00 грн

Improve immunity, maintain healthy skin, hair, nails, prevent premature aging, ensure the normal functioning of the nervous and digestive systems and energy metabolism, increase stress resistance, stabilize blood sugar levels.

Features vitamin production is that it is made by lyophilization (i.e., freezing at low temperatures with subsequent drying and grinding), which allows to preserve the power of Oriental herbs, bioenergy plants.

Used for the production of raw materials collected in ecologically clean regions of the globe, but about 80% are grasses of the Eastern regions. In the training camp has accumulated 5000-years experience in the use of medicinal plants, and the composition of these charges is simply industrial secrets.

All vitamin products do not have side effects, contra-indications, can be used from infancy to senile, has no overdose, and withdrawal syndrome. It should be noted that the therapeutic effect can manifest through the aggravation. And it is regarded as a positive factor.

It is very important to observe the rules of use of these funds, which are set out in the instructions. After all, you should remember one important truth that was fundamental at all times:

"The difficulties of the medical art to a much lesser extent stem from lack of efficient means, and to a greater extent on the application."

All production has the European certificate for the production of ISO 9001-9002.


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