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3 325,00 грн

Bioprotector is attached to the body of the mobile phone and provides effective protection against the radio signal of the phone during a call, wi-fi connection.

BIOPROTECTOR Home and Office

8 400,00 грн

It is recommended to use in places where we spend a considerable period of time (at home, in the office). It effectively protects against radiation from TVs, computers, WiFi networks, home appliances, etc.

BIOPROTECTOR Personal (necklace)

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3 710,00 грн

Personal bioprotector is recommended to be worn to protect against harmful radiation, which is a permanent and integral part of our environment.


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1 050,00 грн

Array - consumable detail for DETOX Spa. Approximately 20-40 treatment sessions, it is recommended to replace.


0,00 грн

DETOX Spa device designed for inference of toxins, heavy metals, cleansing the blood lymph. If regularly use detoxication the body, You eliminates the causes of pathologies, improves physical condition and health.


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525,00 грн

The tape is an analgesic medicine, which athletes often use in world competitions. Eliminates the symptoms of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, inflammation and rheumatism. Promotes rapid recovery with health therapies.


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29 750,00 грн

Used for the treatment of skin diseases, pain relief, accelerate the healing of wounds, dental diseases, therapy of the mucosa of the nose and ear canals, cosmetic procedures for the face and body. Has a biological effect on the depth up to 3cm.

SAFE LASER 500 Infra

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50 750,00 грн

Is used for the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, pain relief, faster healing muscles, tendons and joints, cosmetic procedures for the face and body. In case of prolonged use promotes regeneration of articular cartilage. Has a biological effect on a

SELVA CM-103 Ozone Air cleaning device

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13 650,00 грн

Designed to clean and ionize the air in small spaces 5-12 m2 or 15-36 m3 and in the car (included the adaptor 12V).

SELVA CM-316 Ozone Air cleaning device

0,00 грн

Designed for cleaning and ionization of air in premises 26-40 m2 or 80-120m3. There is a possibility of remote control, auto switching in accordance with the program regulation work intensity.

Vitastiq Family

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21 000,00 грн

Vitastiq shows the summary of your vitamin and mineral readings, allowing you to track the general trend of 26 nutrients over the course of time. To support your fit lifestyle, it also provides information about vitamins and minerals and their natural sources.

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