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SELVA CM-316 Ozone Air cleaning device

Designed for cleaning and ionization of air in premises 26-40 m2 or 80-120m3. There is a possibility of remote control, auto switching in accordance with the program regulation work intensity.
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For the sake of breathing in clean air

Did you know, that in our age we breathe in factory pollution, pollen, exhaust gas or others' cigarette smoke nearly 16x every minute - Even if you air your rooms often? Even the air you think is clean in doctor's offices, kindergartens, schools, offices may contain bacteria, viruses because of the air conditioning.
The device produces active oxygen, which is known for its beneficial effects on the human body, and since it bounds itself to floating pollutants, it neutralizes them, destroys them, along with the floating bacteria, viruses, fungus as well. From an electrical point of view, it neutralizes and subsides combined air pollutant and large molecules generally positively charged such as smoke and dust. It does not contain any moving parts, and does not generate an electromagnetic field. It practically does not emit any harmful substances and the ozone level remains well below the limit.


removes unwanted smells and cigarette smoke. Disinfects the room's air
effective in eliminating pet animals' unpleasant odor
its use can reduce allergy and asthmatic symptoms

Air cleaning capacity: 250-300 m3. the industrial sized device is recommended to be used for larger areas.

Recommended areas: wards, doctor's offices, kindergartens, schools, offices, conference halls, restaurants, kitchens, bars, etc.


deodorizer, - disinfectant, - air freshener, - stop sleeping disorders
immune system strengthener
calms the involuntary nervous system
neutralize or prevent respiratory allergies, asthma problems


The Selva CM-316 operational time length can be adjusted: 2-4-8 hours. During operation, you can change its strength.

Technical parameters of ozone generator Selva CM-316

Size; weight 50,3 x 16 x 6.6 cm; 1.8 kg.
Remote control Yes
Voltage 12V DC (adapter SW)
Power 12W or less
Method of production silent, electrowipes
dust Collection anionic
the Density of ozone < 0.05 ppm (measured at output)
the Production of anions > 400,000 units/electrode
issue time 2.4 m/sec
Performance 26 - 40 m2 (or 80 - 120 m3)
application field indoor
Accessories brush cleaning, remote control, AC adapter 220V
Warranty 1 year


Ozone generators SELVA have an international patent and awarded the Tokyo awards  in  region  of the inventions of Japan, No. special resolution in Japan: 3017146, registration number: 2149501, No. special. resolution: 3426927. Taiwan patent new models number: 1966923, Taiwan patent new models number: 168464, Chinese patent number: ZL 982199759, U.S. patent No.: US6391269B1.




Clean air – the guarantee of health!

Actual problems of tuberculosis

The creation of artificial microclimate in patients with bronchial asthma with the help of ozone generators

SELVA Ozonizers



# SELVA CM-316 Ozone Air cleaning deviceCustomer testimony 2016-11-07 09:17
After I bought the device, we continuously used it (even on weekends) in the group room. The group consisted of 25 three year old children and 3 adults. The children, who coughed so far, coughed and sneezed less since, and slept calmer. The morning air was fresh and pleasantly cool. During the afternoon nap, the air didn't become frowsy, or used up. During lunch time the air didn't smell like there was food in the room. Those who stepped into the room noticed that the air was better here, than compared with the rest of the rooms. One of our children who has Kruppos, was brought to the kindergarten by his mother who said that the previous night he was choking all night. They brought her inhaler and asked us to use it when necessary. We surprisingly noticed that during the day not once did the little boy cough. We experienced, that the children barely cough or sneeze all week, in fact in the given time span there wasn't any children who got sick. Due to the size of the group, there are a lot of bacteria, dust all day. The device is outstandingly adequate for disinfecting and deodorizing.

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