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The creation of artificial microclimate in patients with bronchial asthma with the help of ozone generators

Lviv Regional Pulmonology Center

The purpose of the study

Chronic course of bronchial asthma (BA), using a combination of several groups of medicinal products in the treatment of patients, as well as their constant use for many years in doses that often exceed the therapeutic increases the risk of toxic and allergic complications. Therefore, the development of techniques that reduce pill burden and would be inexpensive and easy to use, is actual. Special attention is paid to the category of patients in whom a clear cause of exacerbations was a factor of external allergies (pollen, odors), as well as frequent respirator viral infection.

The action of ozone on the human body diverse.

Ozone exhibits immunomodulating, antihypoxic, detoxication, antimicrobial effect, stimulates metabolic processes and improves the rheological properties of blood (Ivanchenko, S. A., 1998; Chuev, P. M., and coauthors, 1998).

Materials and research methods

Ozonizers Selva company Bionet (Biyovis)In practice, we used Ozone generators BIONET, which have European quality certificate 1509001, time of continuous operation of 10 years is relatively cheap and easy to operate. The concentration of ozone, which is produced by the ceramic plate, is 100-120 g per 1 liter. Ozonator was placed on a height of 2 meters above the floor for a more effective impact on the patient. Allowable concentration of ozone in air is 0.1 mg in 1ml (Davydkin N. F.and co-authors. 1998).

Obtained results

A survey was tested of 20 patients with BA, 10 of them for the years 1999-2000. used the ozonator as part of BA treatment. The main group consisted of 10 patients: 3 - ages of 40-50 years, disease duration ranged from 16 to 38 years and a heavy flow of the main process; 7 patients with age 8-18 years and duration of disease from 4 to 8 years of moderate severity. Patients received basic basic therapy BA. Evaluation criteria were: the frequency and severity of attacks, number of exacerbations during the year and the number of acute respiratory infections (ARI), the number of used inhalers, number of hospitalizations and ambulance calls. The control group was 10 people of a similar occurrence BA without the use of an ozonator.

Patients with severe BA began to note the improvement in the general condition, starting with 4-6 months, which was manifested in the decrease in the intensity of the nocturnal attacks, improve sleep, increase General vitality, reducing cough intensity. With an 8-month attacks were very rare and were easily removed with bronchodilators. All patients in the first months there was an increase of phlegm, which subjectively was accompanied by bronchospasm. In the group with a medium degree of gravity of the positive changes noted after 2-3 months. Since 4-5 months bothered only periodic cough, shortness of breath was observed 1-2 times per month in light form. Remission of the disease was 2-3 years, especially in patients with age below 12 years. In all age groups over 3 years was a decrease in the incidence of acute respiratory infections in half, which was in light form.



• The use of an artificial microclimate with the help of ozone generators BIONET allows to improve the quality of life of patients with asthma, reduce medication burden, to facilitate the flow of the main process.
• Expedient is the use of ozone generators in the presence of exogenous allergic load (pollens, fungi spores, household dust) as well as the tendency to colds.


• The use of ozone generators Selva company BIONET is quite effective, safe, cheap, pathogenetically proved method that allows to recommend it for wider application in practical medicine.
• The use of ozone as a prophylactic agent in the home and at work, to prevent respiratory allergies in all age groups.

Melnyk V. M.


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