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The experience of using the products Bionet in otolaryngology

Active balm BIONET (Biyovis)My acquaintance with BIONET (Biyovis) occurred in 2003. When came to the reception the patient C. 1930 birth, and said that he "healed" the sick ear, improved hearing after application of the Active balm. The idea of using Active balm, the patient did not arise in connection with the ear with which he addressed 2-3 times a year with the aggravation of suppuration, and in connection with the more important problems in the body associated with surgical interventions in the abdominal cavity of the pelvis. The disease is operated stomach, in his opinion, after five-time intervention surgeons, weaken the body and led to the assertion that we need an alternative to reach a satisfactory state.
The patient went to the purpose: he used an Active balm inside and outside, lubricating the skin in the projection of damaged organs, and placed the swabs into the ear canal, used Lukab-Magnatar. The desire of the older person are laudable and serve as a role model for many of our patients. The treatment had used three packages of Active balm. The control examination was indeed complete healing central perforation of the tympanic membrane with a size of 3-4 mm in diameter, which led to the improvement of hearing by 25%. At present, the stable condition of the ear, the integrity of the tympanic membrane is maintained. Patient C. active, full of vitality.
A surprising result of the healing of chronic suppurative otitis started more than 30 years ago gave me the impetus to work in this direction and with other patients.
High energy value of an Active balm in tissue regeneration of any organ is indisputable.

Chronic suppurative media otitis (CSMO) - chronic suppurative inflammation of the middle ear, which is completely not treated.
It is characterized by:
a) persistent perforation of the tympanic membrane;
b) continuous or intermittent suppuration;
c) hearing loss.

Chronic purulent otitis media can be divided into 2 groups:
1. Otitis with perforation of the stretched part of the eardrum are called mezotimpanita;
2. Otitis with perforation edge in the slack portion of the tympanic membrane, called epitympanitis.
Inflammation of the middle earPerforation may be very different as in size (from a pinhead to a full defect) and shape (from round to slit-like). A large perforation may be divided and scar jumpers, adhesions can be not only eardrums, but also between the hearing bones. Thickening and swelling of the mucous membrane often goes with granulation and polyps. Depending on these changes, suffering the sound conduction. Discharge from the ear are different: mucous, purulent, bloody-purulent. They usually odorless. Fetid odor indicates the presence of anaerobic superinfection or delay of pus in the ear canal. The flow and outcome of mezotimpanita are considered to be more benign than epitympanitis. Attic disease in chronic pathological process develops in nadbramna space, and affects not only the mucosa but also bone walls of the tympanic cavity.
Very often, chronic purulent otitis media complicated by caries, granulations, polyps, cholesteatoma. One of the early signs of complications is a headache.
Currently under my supervision used Active balm for 10 patients aged from 15 to 74 years.
In the group of attic disease, two patients underwent surgical treatment in the past with unsuccessful outcome: one remained incomplete epidermization of the postoperative cavity with chronic suppuration, granulation; the second patient in the postoperative period developed otogenny cerebral arachnoiditis with complete loss of hearing in the operated ear. A matter of concern in this patient is another ear - mezotimpanita, which is the source of the remaining damaged hearing. The complexity of the care to the patient is obvious, at 43 years of age he became disabled, unfit for work as a driver.

The method of application of the Active balm is very simple:

use twice a day Activ Balm into the canal with a cotton swab and rubbed into the skin behind the ear areas, and also falls under the tongue. the balm does not cause negative sensations, no burning sensation and itching in the group of observed patients had no exacerbations. Improvement in otoscopy observed already in the first days - the structure of the observed cavities become different, go hyperemia and edema of the mucosa, the visible part of the labyrinthine wall of the tympanic cavity is extended, increasing the volume of the cavity. Improving ventilation and drainage of the middle ear that subjectively brings relief to the patient: disappear headache, heaviness in the head, ear noise, improved hearing.

So, according to the control of otoscopy identifies the following criteria for effective treatment BIONET Active balm:
• the amount of discharge from the ear, their nature;
• reducing congestive hyperemia and edema of the mucous membrane of the tympanic cavity;
• cessation of suppuration;
• consideration of the dynamics of patient complaints;
• the results of the study of auditory function.

The obtained results emphasize the multifunctional effect of the extract Ginkobiloba (the active component of Balm) in chronic purulent process in the ear:
• immunomodulation through the production of interferon;
• anti-bacterial (pyogenic infection disappears from the hearth, most of it is a mixed infection);
• anti-allergic (for many years formed a bacterial disease and drug allergies);
• regenerative (the ability to recover the defects in the anatomy of the organ of hearing);
• improves the function of hearing through a positive effect on the trophism of the blood vessels and nerves, the partial restoration of sound and sound systems ear;
• security (open system damaged middle ear essentially communicates with the external environment and needs constant protection from adverse factors);
• reflex (effects of using the active points on the ear in projection areas from which there is a positive impact on both the remote internal organs and on body in general).

T. G. Lunyakova,


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