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The experience of using the products of BIONET in PEDIATRICS

We met with the BIONET (Biyovis) company's products 1.5 years ago and use it for solving health problems in our families, and also help patients starting from an early age and older.
It is no secret that our medicine, having a very large Arsenal of pharmacological drugs, not always can help you with a particular diagnosis. The results takes months and years for treatment, acquired chronic diseases, "lost" immunity and faith in the recovery. Due to the presence of wonderful products of the BIONET company, we had the opportunity to engage in the prevention of diseases, their treatment, strengthening the immune system, increase life expectancy. All our work is held under the motto "Personal Care" and we sure the combination of medicines with therapeutic effects of the devices of the BIONET company is wonderful for health.

The child's body has a high capacity for regeneration and restoration of its functions, requires only the timely assistance.
Under observation there were 5 children at the age of 5-6 months with a diagnosis of hip dysplasia. The diagnosis was confirmed on ultrasound. From fixing the legs in the "stirrups" the parents refused. Traditional treatment gave slow results.
When using the Coral+Cacimax 1/4-1/6 of the table. 2 times a day, combined with Active Balm for 2 weeks showed a significant improvement: not determined symptom "click", there was good support for legs, free painless breeding hip joints. After 1 month, the children were removed from the dispensary registration.
In addition, Active balm and Coral+Cacimax used in the treatment of children with neurological symptoms at the age of 7 months to 1 year of teething (dosed out at 1/6 -1/4 tabl. 2 times a day). All children were absent hyperthermic syndrome, there was no edema of the mucosa of the gums. Children become more calm, the eruption of teeth less painful and less prolonged, there was no effect of delayed teething. In case of delay teething reception Coral+Cacimax and within 2 weeks actively promoted their eruption.
In case of delay of motor development in children up to the year used Active balm massage, which contributed to a more rapid recovery of motor skills. After the massage session the children were relaxed, calmed down and fell asleep. After a course of massage of 10-15 sessions differed recovery of motor skills is less pronounced neurological symptoms.

Dysbacteriosis in children age 4 and 5 months. Used: Tea collection BIONET from 100 ml daily with 1-3 drops of the dental Elixir 3 times a day, Fruit fiber 1/16-1/10 of 1 pill once in the morning, Active balm and Tooth gel - pea on the tongue 2 times, and the lubrication of the abdomen in a clockwise direction. Also microclysters 1/2 tsp of the Dental elixir 30-50 ml of warm water or tea.
The treatment was carried from 4 to 10 weeks. A week from the beginning of the use began to improve, normal stool, no vomiting, higher activity, improved appetite, weight gain.

The child of five and a half years acute bronchitis, incipient pneumonia of the left hand side.
Expressed catarrhal phenomena, fever to 38 degrees and above, headache. Treatment medication for 10 days with no effect of antibiotic intramuscularly the mother refused. Was applied: Active balm under the tongue every 2 hours rubbing down the front and back surface of the chest, hands, feet, lubrication auricular, maxillary sinus. Mouthwash in the nose in a dilution of 5 drops per 1 teaspoon of boiled water and 5 drops per 30 ml of warm water 3 times to drink. Tooth gel on the tongue 2 times a day, vitamins BIONET 1 tablet morning and evening.
Treatment together with medical three weeks. Gradually passed catarrhal phenomena, fever disappeared. On the chest x-ray of the lungs clean.
The blood tests were all normal. In acute otitis media applied the Gel, a pea on the tongue, turunda with gel in the ear canal. Also greased the Active balm the skin around the ear, the ear and dry heat. During the day passed the acute effects decreased temperature.

BIONET products must be applied as a preventative products with immunomodulatory purpose of preventing disease. These products help to strengthen and increase immunity, which is very necessary in our ecologically unfavorable areas.
All cases of recovery and significant improvement is impossible to describe, and those who do not know what a wonderful products, I want to say: "Taking it, using it, improving your health and geting rid of the problems."

The most expensive thing we have is health, especially the health of children. BIONET have unlimited possibilities in the treatment of a child.

Sincerely wish everyone good health, prosperity and success in Your business!

Klochko N., pediatrician,
Cherkasova I., pediatrician, neonatologist,


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