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Clean air – the guarantee of health!

Than we breathe?

Air – the only thing without which man cannot live even a very short time. However, we think a little about what and how we breathe. According to various estimates, the inhaled air has at least half of contaminants we get. All agree with the fact how easy it is to breathe, for example, in the forest, the mountains and the sea compared to urban climate, air inside the room. Unfortunately, much of the time we spend at home, the office, the car, inhaling the air with high pollution level.
Today many people suffer from allergic diseases. In the indoor air contains the natural allergens (pollen, fungal, bacterial, and – especially dangerous – waste products of animals) and chemical agents (tobacco smoke, organic and inorganic substances, etc.). So people just need clean air. Many people are unaware that even kitchen, especially with a gas stove, threat like a chemical industries. There is an assertion that is sufficient air conditioner and clean air problem solved. But the main function of such devices cooling, heating, drying air. Banishing air through your filters, air conditioners destroy the last air ions, making the air "biologically dead". The wide spread of computers, unfortunately, pollutes the air of the premises of electromagnetic radiation and positive electrostatic fields. Often a source of pollution of the air we are. Per hour one person passes through the lungs about 1 m3 of air. For example, 3 people per night pumped all the air in the bedroom. And if anybody got sick with a viral infection (influenza, SARS), the exhaled air is quickly saturated with pathogens and sneezing and coughing dramatically enhance this process.

How to help yourself?

Air purifiers SELVAGood helpers in the fight for health - air cleaners, that will not only protect from dust, but also will save the surrounding area from harmful microorganisms, viruses, allergens and odors (air ionization). Over the last 20-25 years have proven to be successful Air Purifiers Selva of Bionet (Biyovis) company that have been successfully used not only in homes but also offices, SPA salons, medical offices, clinics ozone therapy. Advantage of the device was appreciated by people suffering from allergies, asthma, hypertension, ulcerative and necrotic diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system, undergoing rehabilitation after surgery and all those who value clean, healthy air. It should be noted that the ozonator Selva, is unique in the market, adapted for proper use in the car. The use of ozone for air purification in the world is considered the most effective and efficient. Selva ozonator is a device which helps prevent a number of diseases, carrying out preventive and healing effects and is designed to clean indoor air of 5-12 m2 (model SM-103) or 26-40 m2 (model SM-316). The generated ozone is environmentally friendly, has a wide range of actions, has good cleaning and antibacterial properties, enhances immunity, provides antihypoxic and detoxifying effect.

What does the ozonator Selva?

- creates microclimate and solves many problems related to health;
- cleans and refreshes the air, organizes a healthy atmosphere in the premises by re-establishing the natural processes occurring in nature;
- prevention of infectious diseases transmitted by airborne droplets;
- kills a variety of bacteria, flu viruses, hepatitis, AIDS, SARS and tuberculosis;
- has on the body anti-inflammatory and bracing effect;
- supplies the internal organs of active oxygen, especially the heart, brain and lungs, improves peripheral circulation, increases the regenerative and metabolic processes;
- improves the immune system due to inhalation of ionized air with ozone and active oxygen;
- destroys harmful compounds odors, tobacco smoke and tiny particles of aerosols (ozone unlike air fresheners does not suppress odors and destroys and neutralizes chain molecules);
- clean the air from fine dust, reduces allergic reactions and asthma attacks;
- destroys fungi, various unpleasant odors and smoke in various industrial, residential, medical, hospitality and domestic premises (including the car);
- inhibits the growth and destroys bacteria, viruses, spores, molds and fungi etc. in the premises, including from the working of the air conditioner;
- neutralizes positive ions (from TVs, computers, air conditioning) and generate, similar to chandeliers Chizhevskogo, of negative ions in the indoor air;
- saves money for the purchase of antibiotics and chemical disinfectants.

The advantages of ozonators Selva

- does not require adjustment, configuration, replacement of the filter except for periodic cleaning of dust;
- completely silent due to the use of advanced spray technology;
- produces ozone in moderate and safe doses (about 0,009 mg/cubic meter of ozone for the model CM-103 and about 0.05 mg/cubic meters model CM-316) and is designed for continuous operation. Choosing the ozonizer of numerous proposals, please note, ozone generators with a smaller capacity ozone are ineffective, with higher – can harm the health;
- the quality of room air with a working cleaner Selva is equivalent to the air in the forest or near the waterfall (the concentration of negative ions in the room with the ozonator – of 400,000 ions/cm3, in the forest, waterfall 100000-500000 ions/cm3). For example, the concentration of negative ions in the home room (without air conditioning) – 40-50 ions/cm3.;
- suitable for use in the car (comes with mount, power adapter 12V – model CM-103), cleans the cabin from carbon monoxide, bacteria, viruses, unpleasant odors, relieves fatigue from the trip;
- has the function of electrostatic dust collectors.

Buy now ozonator SELVA
Air purifier Selva is a valuable investment in Your health!

Air purifiers "SELVA" have international patent and awarded the Tokyo awards in the field of inventions of Japan. The number of the special resolution in Japan: 3017146, registration number: 2149501, No. special. resolution: 3426927. Taiwan patent new models number: 1966923, Taiwan patent new models number: 168464, Chinese patent number: ZL 982199759, U.S. patent No.: US6391269B1.


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