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COLONFIT Prevention and solution of problems of digestion. Cleansing of parasites

Why Colonfit?

ColonFitRestoration of the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. Reduction of inflammatory processes. Normalization of stool and improvement of metabolism.
Intestinal parasites slow down the process of detoxification, while in the intestine the proteins begin the process of decay and fermentation that leads to deterioration of metabolic processes at the cellular level and to the weakening of the immune system.


Composition, properties and characteristics

Colonfit - dietary supplement in capsules containing powder of turmeric root, powder of garlic, powder chilli, clove powder, thyme, Apple pectin, vitamin C.

Poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, poisons the environment, excessive consumption of medicine leads to the development of chronic diseases. Excessive intake of proteins and carbohydrates, poor fiber diet, antibiotics, steroids, and stressful lifestyles lead to numerous digestive disorders.

Accumulated toxic substances lead to poor digestion and form deposits in the body, for example in the colon, and these deposits become the breeding ground for parasites living in the body. As a result of disrupted balance in the body take root these "invaders", which in a healthy digestive system are not present.

The presence of the "invaders" nutrient absorption is inhibited, slowing down the elimination of toxins.

The liberated decomposition products (indole, skatole, phenol, polyalcohol and other aromatic amines) attack not only the mucous membrane of the intestine, but absorbed, damage the liver, other organs, tissues, violate the metabolism process in the cells, and the immune system.

This further reduced the activity of the immune system, disturbed the balance of folic acid, Biotin, and b vitamins, strengthens the processes of fermentation and putrefaction, and thus increases the production and absorption of toxic substances. The body does not get the required nutrients, the brain receives the signals for consumption of more food. Due to accumulation of the mucous membrane of the intestine is unable to sufficiently absorb minerals. Body weight increases, but the body is starving. The body is simultaneously undernourished and overfed. Colonfit cleans intestinal system so that the mucous membrane remains intact or is restored, therefore, inflammation does not develop. The drug can be prevent digestive problems, to achieve systematic bowel movements, adjustment of the chair. One of the important components Colonfit is turmeric. Its most famous property is that it removes worms from the body, cleans the body. Turmeric contains such substances, which reduce the harmful effects of inflammation caused by parasites in the body.

Turmeric has proven effective in the treatment of stomach ulcers, and various inflammatory processes of the intestine, e.g. Crohn's disease and in the treatment of ulcerative inflammation of the colon.

The garlic in Colonfit destroys roundworm, tapeworm. Cloves not only kills worms, but also their eggs. Thyme is effective against not only intestinal worms, but also against other bacteria. Chile – an effective weapon against parasites. A systematic method it AIDS digestion and protects the stomach lining from the harmful effects of alcohol and acetyl-salicylic acid. Aromatic substance capsaicin is effective in the digestive disorders. He has a slight analgesic effect.

Due to the high content of fiber, Apple pectin promotes systematic, regular bowel movements. As a result of taking the drug if you have diarrhea, the stool becomes better, it protects the intestinal mucosa from inflammation. It can be argued that it provides the desired quality of the chair. Apple pectin helps treat intestinal mucous membrane inflammation, including diarrhea, high temperature and problems with weight loss.

The dietary supplement contributes to the removal of intestinal unwanted "residents" was not painful for mucosa.

Method of application
Three times daily 1 capsule before meals with plenty of fluids. Not to overdose.


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