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Actual problems of tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is today acute and urgent medical and social problem not only in Ukraine but all over the world. According to forecasts of the world Health Organization, in the next decade on the planet with 90 million new cases of tuberculosis, most of them in the age group from 20 to 49 years, i.e. in the most productive period of life.

In Ukraine tuberculosis epidemic was in 1995. She constantly progresses and becomes rampant. Statistics shows that in Ukraine every day recorded 82 new cases of tuberculosis and 30 patients die. The incidence of all forms of TB in 2001 was 68,6 cases per 100 thousand population (in 2000 - 60,1). This is the highest level in the last 10 years. In just one year, this figure rose by 14.1%, and in comparison with 1990, it increased 2.1 times.

Tuberculosis - infectious disease, the causative agent of which is Mycobacterium tuberculosis or tubercle Bacillus. Mycobacteria highly resistant to the influence of various natural, physical, and chemical factors. The optimum temperature for growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis is 37-38°C. Bright direct sunlight kills the bacilli in 60 minutes, the UV rays for 2-3 minutes. In milk, Mycobacterium tuberculosis can withstand temperatures of 60°C for 1 hours, 70°C - 30 minutes, 90 -95°C - 5 minutes.
Especially dangerous in terms of Contracting TB from milk products (cheese and butter), in which the bacilli persist for up to 250 days. More resistant, the causative agent of tuberculosis in low temperatures: when temperature is - 23°C it can live for over 7 years.

The main epidemiological sources of spread of the disease is a person with an "open" form tuberkuleza and TB affected cattle.

Patients with destructive form of tuberculosis during the day from 15 million to 7 billion bacilli. Every infects 10-15 people per year. The main method of active detection of tuberculosis in our country is fluoroscopy, which must be undertaken by all persons 15 years and older not less than 1 time per year.

Of crucial importance in the complex treatment of patients with tuberculosis belongs antimycobacterial therapy, including 4-6 antibacterial drugs, often triggering a significant number of adverse reactions, depressing the immune system. Taking into account these circumstances in the intensive therapy of patients with tuberculosis, it is advisable to include BIONET products.

For disinfection and enrichment of air with oxygen applied ozonizers which is detrimental effect on the painful microorganisms, viruses, Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

For relieving symptoms of tuberculosis intoxication applies Biyovis (Bionet) Tea. The consumption of the tea contributes to the excretion of the decay products of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, softens side effects of antibiotics destroys the immune complexes blood. Tea gathering with pulmonary tuberculosis should be taken with honey. The use of tea BIONET should begin with the first days of treatment. With immunomodulatory target, and also for their anti-inflammatory effect use Activ Balm BIONET.

Widely used in complex tuberculosis therapy vitamins BIONET, which absolutely does not cause allergies, even on the background of existing allergies from synthetic vitamins B, C.

Given the bactericidal action of Elixir, we perform inhalation with Elixir (5-8 drops of Elixir 25 ml of water, 10-15 inhalations per course). Inhalations have a remarkable effect upon bronchitis, and pneumonia. Reception inside 20-25 drops of Elixir 3 times a day to achieve anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, immunomodulating effect.

Indicated in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis Coral+Calcimax contains micronutrients - calcium, magnesium, zinc, easily digestible. The use of Coral+Calcimax contributes to thickening of lesions of tuberculosis.

In the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis is possible to use magnetic therapy (Lukab-Magnator device), however it is advisable to use it in the second half of the treatment, i.e. after 4-5 months of treatment initiation.

Undoubtedly, the products of the company BIONET will find its application in the comprehensive anti-TB therapy.

According to my observations some results: reduced to 2 months the time of hospital treatment of patients, less likely to have been cases of intolerance or side-effects from antibiotics, proceeded faster regression of the tuberculosis process.

As is known, the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. Prevention of tuberculosis for the purpose of normalizing the immune system I recommend to use Vitamins, Elixir, Tooth gel, Active Balm, set  the Ozonator in the apartment.

I wish you all good health and conscious attitude to yourself.

Dubrova Tatiana,
doctor ftisiopulmonology of highest category,


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