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10 reasons why You should not use Dietary Supplements

1. I have no money. It's like the joke: "Dad and son walking down the street. Pass by the bakery, and the son so plaintively asks: "Dad. I'm hungry, please buy me a bagel". The father thought to himself and says: "Son, I want a bagel too but the money we only have for vodka. Yes, indeed, nobody has extra money. The only question is, what to spend: Coca-Cola, cigarettes, smoked sausage and of dubious quality canned food or a biologically active food Supplement having therapeutic effect. An intelligent man who thinks about the future, prefer to INVEST part of the money in your health, or after some time will have to SPEND ALL the money for treatment. Psychologists estimate that 5% of our money we spend on stuff! Isn't it better to invest this amount in their health and to receive future dividends in the form of good health and high performance?!

2. I lead a healthy lifestyle. You are a unique person! You get up at dawn, pour cold water and do exercises. Then a 10-kilometer run. At least twice a week you visit the pool and gym. You breathe only pure mountain air and drink crystal clear spring water. Your life no stress and fuss, you are not affecting of the media.

3. I try to eat right. You can be the envy, because your diet consists of fresh produce, freshly plucked from the organic garden. You eat almost no processed foods and follow the rules of food combining. All your products are rich in vitamins and minerals. In your food there are no preservatives, stabilizers, flavoring and aromatic additives. You drink eight glasses of spring water a day. You eat a lot of dairy products, prepared personally by you from the special starters. You don't have to eat in suhomyatku "on the run", and the last meal you have going on until 18.00 hours.

4. My health is under a doctor control. Yes, indeed, it is very it is essential that your health was monitored by doctors, but according to statistics from the world health organization, your health depends on their help just 10 %!

5. I'm taking medication. Again I remembered the anecdote: "You know, doctor, that medicine you prescribed to me last time helped. - Well, what can I say? Sometimes..." unlike drugs, dietary Supplements are much slower but have a more stable effect. Dietary supplements act on the cause and heal the whole body, and the drugs act on the consequence of the disease and treat specific body. Supplements are only positive side effects, and meds... Should I continue? It is much better to take from nature what she generously gives us, instead of trying to make a "fake". Mother Nature is very appropriate, therefore, all attempts to replace natural substances synthetic analogues in the past.

6. I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits rich in nutrients. Most of us still firmly believe that grown on their private plots vegetables and fruits environmentally friendly and completely provide us with all the necessary nutrients. This is a misconception. Modern research has shown that to meet the needs of vitamins and micronutrients in the era of stress and ecological trouble of environment their daily doses should be increased in tens and even in hundreds times in comparison with the norms developed in 60-e years. To achieve these doses the consumption of live vegetables and fruits is simply impossible: their weight would be enormous. So when you eat, for example, "modern" orange, you get more aesthetic and moral satisfaction, rather than real benefits. And to meet the needs of, for example, vitamin C should be eaten every day about 1.5 kg of oranges! Who is capable of such a feat? Most of the fruits and plants lose their freshness and biological activity surprisingly quickly after harvest. But selected of them are useful biologically active substances to keep much easier, so mankind has gone the way of creation of drugs, containing in concentrated form and in balanced proportions all the vital ingredients that we are sorely underserved with food. Such funds have been called Biologically Active food Additives (BAA). It turns out that it is much better to eat such a competently made substrate from natural substances, and then can satisfy their taste and aesthetic needs, eating his fruit.

7. Dietary supplements need to be used constantly. Indeed, dietary Supplements can and must be consumed regularly, unlike medication. Brutally ignoring and breaking the laws of nature, we have created circumstances that require a huge amount of vital energy to adapt to the current aggressive environment. This leads to loss of life (physical, mental, spiritual) energy. And to make up this total deficit, we can only with the help of dietary Supplements, which contain in a concentrated form the entire range required for normal body functions nutrients.

8. My grandparents did not consume dietary Supplements and lived happily ever after. Only 100 years ago did not fly planes, not driving cars, locomotives, ships, background radiation was natural, about the "peaceful atom" the people still had no idea. There were no world wars and their terrible consequences, mankind has never known large-scale industrial accidents. The totality of the consequences of this development companies can now be classified as a looming environmental catastrophe, to survive where a weakened person will be very difficult, therefore, for the development of civilization mankind has been forced to pay for their own health or to use dietary Supplements.
Additionally, supplements that support the biological balance of the body, are well known to us. For the past 30 years half the population of the country since infancy, regularly consume them for food. Is baby food, and huge number of synthetic vitamins that chew like candy to our children in school ("Hematogen", "Ascorbic acid", "Revit"), food enriched with vitamins and trace elements, which has become particularly fashionable in recent times. Fertilizer to the soil, fodder for animals — it is also a Supplement (although not always natural and high quality). Wittingly or unwittingly, we eat and enjoy the additives, isn't it better to do it consciously and purposefully, applying the best of them?
Comprehensive dietary Supplements, manufactured in the form of tablets or capsules and produce high-tech equipment are natural and very high quality.

9. The use of dietary supplements will adversely affect future generations. On the contrary, no use of dietary supplements affects the current generation, as evidenced by the terrible facts: now almost never give birth to healthy children, after school, children have several chronic diseases, to select young men into the army is becoming more complex, many diseases of civilization significantly younger, and cancers carry a huge number of children's lives.

10. I just don't believe. No comment! There is still one fact: 100% of Japanese people use dietary Supplements and have the longest life expectancy on earth!
Is it possible to live without dietary Supplements? Of course! It all depends on what quality of life you want to provide. Choose:
+ My life with Supplements — energetic, cheerful, joyous, full of work and interesting events. Every day I Wake up happily, and I have no pain, and ahead of a day that I am living usefully for themselves and for the people. My health is getting better and better, and my biological age is reduced. I look younger and all prove that the clock of his life can be reversed!
- My life without nutritional Supplements is flabby and bleak, it is "saturated" with trips to hospitals and clinics. My tight schedule... of your medication. I sleep badly and get up in the morning with a feeling of chronic fatigue, and sadly I think that bring your family and friends a lot of trouble and can do nothing to help them. Every day I have something hurts, and to get out of the house for me the whole problem! And I regret to remember that I had a choice - to engage in the prevention or wait until I get sick. I chose the latter!
But you can change everything! I take the telephone: "Hello, is a distributor of the Biyovis company?.."

MLM a Successful business, No. 6(40), November-December 2007


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