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To prevent disease is much easier than to treat it - even use "the most...", "the most of the best..." medical means. How to choose the best? Often we think and hope that with us, nothing can happen. But is this always the case?

With some diseases it is sufficient only explanation of the correction processes, which are important to maintaining health. For situations that are already associated with disease, these tips is not enough: should take into consideration frequent patterns of development of each disease, particularly age and a number of other reasons.

Today it is clear that the majority of factors (nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, etc.) led us to the so-called diseases of civilization, includes vascular and oncological diseases. Unfortunately, this civilizational process changed the nature of our lifestyle, primarily nutrition, in the direction of increase of level of energy intake from food that was high calorie.

This means that the increased consumption of energy-rich foods (like protein, fats and carbohydrates) on the background of our sedentary lifestyle. This implies a very important conclusion that physical activity as a preventive factor should be focused on energy consumption. This allows for systematically adjusting the potential risk of excess calorie diet. The consumption of fats as the most energy-intensive product should closely match the energy the body avoid risk factors.

Overweight and problem of atherosclerosis are the consequence of the consumption of mostly animal fats, especially meat smoked. It primarily affects the intestinal overload of toxic products, which significantly increases the risk of developing cancer of the bowel, breast and prostate.

Atherosclerosis as a consequence leads to disease of the heart muscle of the vessels and the sad outcome. Today there is fabula as the truth: cancer is a metabolic disease. The disease of aging, which for many reasons has not spared all age groups.

Cholesterol as a key indicator of metabolic disorders, accumulate in excess at the expense of those same meat products if does not increase the viscosity of bile, thus contributing to stone formation? And similar causes are very many. Not least harmless factor influencing the process of carcinogenesis, are bad habits.

Well known is the role of alcohol in the development of liver cancer. Even such a harmless drink, like beer, is not "neutral" in the body and promotes more intensive absorption of various toxins through the intestinal wall into the blood.

The implementation of premalignant to malignant state is often takes years. Do we have the chance? Probably Yes, but only if we follow basic rules. Therapeutic effect can be obtained only on the basis of ongoing compliance with certain conditions.

An important indicator of success is to increase psychological stability and vitality. And to achieve these goals, you must first get rid of stressful situations, because stress factors are playing a crucial role.

Today science has the knowledge, allowing to assess the benefits and harms of various factors of civilization, influencing the development and progression of certain diseases. Constant work on yourself  helps overcome illness.

The environment (foods grown on contaminated soil, radionuclides, pesticides, etc.) is that needed extremely tight control as one of the preventive measures, including measures of personal prophylaxis. Expect the prospects of good health does not make sense, if not addressed, primarily, by disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract, particularly the intestine and liver, because the organs are connected together. Even the most effective means will not be able to help, if time will not be destroyed "weed germination" in the body. In diseases of the intestines, if not eliminated symptoms of the disease (the tendency to constant constipation; certain manifestations of dysbiosis associated with frequent use of antibiotics, drugs of chemical origin; insufficient intake of vitamins and trace elements), will remain a priority for the group of microorganisms called Clostridium, which are constantly found in people with an increased risk of developing bowel cancer.

Hence very important conclusion: it is necessary to pay special attention to the factor of nutrition and to adopt a rule that 50% of the total diet should be plant foods (preferably raw). If poor absorption is allowed minimal cooking for a couple. Very useful to use such plant foods as beans, peas, beans, soy. They have a lot of vegetable protein and beneficial for the body products (proteins, fat, but unsaturated acids) and various biologically active compounds. Soy protein contains the set of all essential amino acids, so necessary for our body, especially when consumed with proteins in several plants. In soybeans, a sufficient number of easily digestible fats. It is the strongest antagonist of the evil of our enemy - cholesterol and is used for the manufacture of a therapeutic agent such as lecithin is an excellent preventive means of the tendency to stone formation in the gall-ducts of the liver: lecithin helps liquefy thick bile and the removal of its viscosity. Atherosclerosis of vessels of heart and brain lecithin reduces atherosclerotic plaque. Additionally, soy fibers are an important component of dietary fiber, by the way, like all grains, vegetable and fruit culture.
Fruit fiber Biyovis is a natural sorbent. Absorbing water from the intestines, it grabs with her especially dangerous poisons that typically are the cause of cancers of the colon. Superfoods like fiber, are amino acids and chlorophyll, produced by germinating grains of wheat, corn, barley, flax seeds and kernels of Mature walnuts. Their cancer protective effect is extremely large for bowel cancer, breast and prostate glands.

The tumor cells get their energy mainly at the expense of glucose, which means that the diet must reduce the intake of carbohydrates such as honey, sugar, flour products, pasta and bakery products (especially of high-grade flour), as well as confectionery. An excess amount of carbohydrates usually stimulates the rise of insulin levels in the blood. Possessing the properties of the risk factor, the insulin in cell cultures facilitates the development of neoplastic processes. Increased risk of exposure to food carcinogens is not at all connected with the vegetarian diet, excessive consumption of animal proteins, as earlier mentioned, smoked meat products. In the diet of animal fats should be no more than 7-10%, the remaining 23% (from 30% needed by the body) needs to make only vegetable fats (olive, corn, sunflower, Flaxseed oil, nuts, fish oil). In General, diet should be designed primarily for the use of plant products, which does not exclude, of course, combining them with fish, lean meats and poultry. From dairy you need to avoid foods with high fat. As food additives, it is desirable to include in the diet of grain wheat and oat products, especially bran and brown rice, because these compounds are active in fiber, which suggests "complete" order in the bowel, removing poisonous substances. Products from the seeds of flax is very a valuable source is extremely important linolenic acid, useful for the blood vessels of the heart and brain. Linseed oil, which perfectly replaces the fats of marine fish, can be manufactured by cold mechanical pressing. The minimum prophylactic dose for the body - 1 tablespoon per day. Store oil in a cool dark place without access of air. The Flaxseed meal is good to use as additives to prepare dishes. You should make it a rule in the daily diet use of so-called pectin, which in sufficient quantity is contained in apples, pears, peaches, oranges, grapes, etc.

These products are able to destroy all of the cancer "beginnings".

In our nutrition is also extremely essential fruit and vegetable juices.

Fruit should be consumed during Breakfast, and the vegetable - in the middle of the day. The last meal should be several hours before bedtime and not later 19-19:30.

Periodically cleaning the liver with the help of blind sensing, but only in the period from 11p.m. until one o'clock, as during these hours the liver is ready to accept the information. Recipes blind sensing quite a lot. It is advisable at least once a week to arrange fasting day. The day before, it is desirable to carry out the cleaning of the intestine, and on this day, eat only vegetarian food. Frequent use of laxatives and cleansing enemas is not recommended because the intestines need to "clean" not from the bottom up and top down in order to avoid disruption of the normal flora of the colon. Better learn to regulate the bowels by using fiber. Useful to use food additive: mixture of dried apricots, raisins and prunes, which it is desirable to drink infusions of Senna, buckthorn, calamus with honey. Yogurt is an excellent food for digestion, as well as the intake of olive oil.
To begin reception it is necessary with one teaspoon at night, increasing the dose to a tablespoon. Morning fasting should drink a glass of cool water undigested. If you suffer from diseases such as gallstones and kidney stones, and size of stone is small (0.3 - 0.5 mm), you can use medicinal BIONET Tea in combination with capsules of lecithin,  magnetic therapy for the home use of the Lukab-Magnator. This combination allows to reduce the viscosity of bile, to make it less dense, causing congestion in the bile ducts will be weakened.

Properties of herbal Tea BIONET is undeniable. They contain up to 260 different biologically active compounds, including alkaloids, catechins, vitamins (C, PP, group b), minerals, carotene, pectin base and theine, has a tonic, diuretic, choleretic, antioxidant, anti mutagenic properties and antispasmodic that makes tea a great cleanser.

No less important factor is the use of various types of algae as sea foods. They are a huge source of vegetable protein, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals.

Fiber seaweed is easily digested and is an excellent stimulant to the intestine, promoting elimination of toxic poisons. Sea kelp contains a sufficient amount of the Carnifit BIONET.

A real boom among non-traditional drugs has prompted the use of shark cartilage. Among the factors highlighted substances neovastat, squalene, thrombospondin, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine and glycosoaminoglycan who have Onco-protective properties and are essential to the prevention of cancer. The drug Sanavita BIONET extract from shark cartilage, and specific features of fat exchange sharks is that they are dominated by unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, the shark never suffered from cancer and her immune system has no equal. Proof of that is the health of the Danes and the Eskimos of Greenland, who eat food from marine algae and do not suffer from diseases of civilization.

Increased risk of receipt of food causes carcinogens make us to look for a way that gives us the chemoprophylaxis and the use of various foods and dietary supplements. Currently developed simulation technology of many food products, which fully satisfy the need for essential amino acids and other biological active supplements or their complexes. These systems are used on specific preventive purpose, in larger quantities than is contained in their food.

This form of herbal tablets, capsules, teas, syrups, directed on correction of a certain level of metabolism, with regard to their maximum efficiency and high technological requirements.

All active biological supplements, including teas, vitamins, minerals, represent some modification of natural elements like selenium, molybdenum, manganese, chromium, calcium, iron (which supplanted strontium) and are useful compounds, potent antioxidants and consequently onkoprotektorami. These micronutrients do not contain chemicals, so biologically active food supplements - health products. Many of them possess both nutritional and medicinal properties, which is very important for the correction functions of the whole organism. At the core of each are therapeutic and preventive effects that may be aimed at overcoming a number of ailments. These active compounds are perfectly combined with the action of medicinal and other fito products and fully complement their effectiveness.

It would be unfair to keep silent about the healing properties of these plant compounds like flavonoids. The Flavonoid King Biyovis contains flavonoids, which under the action of the bacteria of the large intestine undergo a certain metamorphosis, turning into phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are very similar to the structure of natural estrogens, which are produced by the body and contribute to degeneration of cells in certain organs. For example, the development of malignant breast tumors in women associated with elevated levels of estrogen in the blood. Meeting at the level of the cell membrane, phytoestrogens prevent the accumulation of natural estrogens and cell division that contributes to the tumors, and therefore, the phytoestrogens act as onkoprotektor and antimutagenic agents.

In countries with a traditional consumption of soy the incidence of various forms of cancer is much lower than in countries where this plant the product don't pay enough attention.

Everything is at hand!
Do not be lazy to use these useful substances for the organism in its own interests!

N. I. Medvedev,
honored doctor of Ukraine,
Chernihiv region


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