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BIONET by eyes of diabetologist

Diabetes — metabolism infringement in which the human body cannot metabolize sugar (glucose), resulting in increased sugar levels in the blood. Symptoms of diabetes: excessive thirst, large urine output, weakness, fatigue, pruritus, recurrent skin infections, poor wound healing, recurring urinary tract infections, loss of appetite, unexplained weight loss.

Glucose is the main energy source. However, in order that glucose can get into cells, necessary hormones, secreted by the pancreas - insulin.
Acting on a receptor (special structures on the surface of cells that respond to hormones), insulin facilitates the entry of glucose into cells, i.e. he is like a "key". With increasing blood sugar (for example, after eating) a healthy body to produce more insulin, glucose is absorbed by cells and its level in the blood is reduced, and the cells are provided with necessary energy.

Diabetes is the place the absolute (when cells in the pancreas do not produce insulin) or relative (when the produced insulin is insufficient for the needs of the body) insufficiency of insulin.
Accordingly there are two types of diabetes
1. Diabetes mellitus of the 1st type ("juvenile diabetes") usually develops in young people with normal body mass. Thus cells in the pancreas that produce insulin are destroyed, insulin produced little, or not formed, whereby the body cannot absorb sugar in the blood: the cells do not get energy and stay hungry, and blood sugar remains high. The only method of treatment of such patients is lifelong subcutaneous insulin, which is absorbed into the bloodstream and exerts its action.
2. Diabetes of the 2nd type ("adult diabetes") usually develops in adulthood and old age, on the background of overweight. With this diabetes your own insulin is produced, but is generated "wrong", i.e. the body is too slow and insufficiently responsive to the receipt of glucose in the blood and the secreted insulin is insufficient for the assimilation of all incoming glucose.
A second mechanism of development is the inability of muscle and fat cells use the entire allocated insulin. This state of immunity cells to the normal amount of insulin is called insulin resistance. Diabetes mellitus of the 2nd type are more characteristic of hereditary predisposition.

The biggest role is played by the lifestyle change. One element is the food. Necessary in this case diet should mean the receipt by the individual organism the necessary amount of carbohydrates and energy that we recommend to achieve a fractional power (5-6 meals in small quantities). Significant is the increase intake of dietary fiber (the recommended daily dose of 5-6 grams). This is good for our Fruit fiber, which with a daily intake of at least 5-6 pills (6 pills = 1 gram of fiber) is a good Supplement to our food. Food rich in fiber, has a good effect on the treatment of problems of blood fats. The second important element of treatment is movement and exercise, which are to be per week at least 1.5-2 hours. If lifestyle change the desired blood sugar level is not achieved, then it is necessary to begin treatment with antibiotics, in some cases, insulin therapy. In such cases, the effective treatment with the products of the Bionet.

With a help of a systematic intake of Tea BIONET (Biyovis), exempting toxins and poisonous substances, many patients managed to lower the sugar level in the blood and in some cases to reduce the dose of insulin. In stabilizing blood sugar levels has an important role to play and regular use of Lukab-Magnator, which improves the metabolism in tissues, saturates them with oxygen and removes toxins. Lukab-Magnator is effective at high pressure in diabetic patients, and also for the solution of problems of blood circulation narrowing of blood vessels. Obesity needs extremely necessary to drop weight.

To achieve the desired weight, except diet and exercise, effective Supplement can be Tea collection + Fruit fiber, program "Purex Phase 1" - for CLEANING the intestines and blood.

The most important thing in the prevention of complications of diabetes is maintaining the required level of blood sugar. Frequency of occurrences of heart disease and blood vessels in patients with diabetes is 2-3 times more, and in 40% of patients have to rely on the occurrence of a heart attack. Change the small blood vessels, damage nerve endings in the retina leads to blindness, changes of vessels of kidneys - renal failure, and vessels of the extremities to amputation of these limbs.

Oxidative stress and free radicals play an important role in the changes occurring in blood vessels . These processes can be suspended or slowed by taking antioxidants. Therefore, drugs BIYOVIS containing antioxidants, can play an important role in the prevention of complications and their treatment. vitamin E, selenium, beta-carotene, contained in Optivit, 4 kinds of antioxidants in pill of Blueberries, green tea capsule Sanavita — they constantly prove their effective participation in treatment.

I also wanted to draw attention to the drug Max Immune, which contains the Shitake mushroom is well affects the production of insulin, confirmed by research. The lives of many men overshadow sexual problems. Caused by diabetes changes blood vessels and nerve disorder lead to erection problems, which in turn helps Green Sutra and Prostasan.

The extract of Ginkgo Biloba contents in the Active Balm helps to improve blood circulation, prevents the development of thrombosis, works well in the treatment of stenosis of the vessels of the extremities, and which also effectively takes care of dry, cracked skin of the feet of patients with diabetes. In the local treatment of fungal infections in patients with diabetes may apply Antibacterial soap BIONET, and for general treatment - Kombucha and Likarapt.

Patients with diabetes often have gum disease (e.g. gingivitis, periodontitis). Effectively with these problems the use of products for the care of the oral cavity: Elixir, Tooth gel, which have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and hemostatic properties.

Based on my experience, the products BIYOVIS perfectly applicable to improve the quality of life as the adjunctive treatment of patients with diabetes.

Dr. Chechei Diendy,
diabetology, Hungary


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