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LifePower - a source of energy for the body

Charge the human body with energy and harmonize it, giving vitality. Especially recommended for tired, weakened people and those who perform physical work and play sports.

Drops “Life Power” is a complex of vegetable extracts and Ganoderma's fungus, made on the basis of cold-pressed oil. Due to the large amount of amino acids in oils, nutrients penetrate and are absorbed by the cells much better. Drops are quickly absorbed through the oral cavity, act at the cell level, restore intercellular communication, improve the functions and functioning of organs, their energy level, and have a complex effect on all body systems. Do not withdraw potassium. The efficiency of droplets is 100%. 50 ml contains 960 drops, this is the amount of use within 1-2 months for the whole family. In the drops there are no prohibited ingredients, doping, anabolics, indicated by the Olympic Association VADA.


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