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Therapeutic lasers



Laser instruments in medicine in terms of biological activity can be divided into two groups:

  • high power lasers ("hard" lasers) - lasers, used in surgery;
  • low power lasers (soft lasers) - therapeutic lasers.

Safe Laser devices are "soft" therapeutic lasers.


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Used for the treatment of skin diseases, pain relief, accelerate the healing of wounds, dental diseases, therapy of the mucosa of the nose and ear canals, cosmetic procedures for the face and body. Has a biological effect on the depth up to 3cm.


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Used for skin therapy, dental diseases, localized in the superficial layers of tissue (up to 1cm).

SAFE LASER 500 Infra

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Is used for the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, pain relief, faster healing muscles, tendons and joints, cosmetic procedures for the face and body. In case of prolonged use promotes regeneration of articular cartilage. Has a biological effect on a


How does laser work?

The laser beam, in contrast to the polarized light is able to penetrate the integument of the skin a few inches. Thanks to the deep penetrating ability of the laser has beneficial effects on metabolic processes of cells. The result is produced more collagen, restoring the biological processes in the cells, decrease the process of recovery in the postoperative period.

What laser to use?

Therapeutic lasers SL-30 and SL-150 affect the skin to a depth of one and three cm respectively. Be used in the treatment of superficial lesions, inflammation, pain-relief, suitable for the treatment of disease by lightening the nasal mucosa (eg, allergies, runny nose, etc.), treatment of cosmetic skin problems.

Therapeutic laser SL-500 Infra penetrates into the deeper layers of tissue and has a biological effect on a depth up to eight cm. Used very effectively for the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, accelerate the healing of muscles, tendons and joints. In case of prolonged use promotes regeneration of articular cartilage.

Disease, disorder Safe Laser
500 Infra

Safe Laser

Safe Laser

General physiological effects
attenuation of pain, reduction of inflammation
biostimulation: to increase the ability of self-healing

Musculoskeletal symptoms - in top tissues (sports injuries too)
small joints, muscule and tendon injuries, inflammation, strain, sprain, contusion, abrasion, bruise
Serious musculoskeletal disorders - deep tissues
meniscus lesion, ligament and joint capsule injury, joint swelling, pain and inflammation, rheumatic pain and inflammation, hematoma, post-operative swelling and arthritis, bone fractures...
Skin problems
eczema, dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, postoperative scars, household injuries: cuts, swelling, burns... (pain and inflammation and faster regeneration), leg ulcers (eg. diabetic patients), extensive wounds, flash burn, frostbite injury, decubitus
Inflamed varicose veins and inflamated haemorrhoids
Dental symptoms (close to skin surface)
atrophy, bleeding and inflammation
Dental symptoms (in deep tissues)
toothache, elimination of inflammation
Ear complaints
inflammation, pain, tinnitus, ear itching
Cosmetic treatmens
acne, seborrhoea, keloid and atrophy, post-treatment of epilation, herpes, cellulitis and inflammation of adipose tissue, rosacea, dilation of blood vessels, skin stimulation and anti-wrinkle procedures, early wrinkles, administering active cosmetic substances into the skin
Allergy, asthma, hay fever, sinusitis
Fatigue, weakness, recovery
Veterinary use
injuries, wounds, fractures, inflammations of the skin, joint problems, inflammations, wears, allergies, internal diseases, e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular disease or cancer





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