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Metal Therapy



Copper renaissance - copper, healing since ancient times.

Mysterious healing, healing powers, magical copper plates, copper coins on the body... Already the ancient Greeks, Romans, Arabs knew about the special healing properties of copper and silver. They were used not only for healing wounds, bruises, but also to preserve the freshness of the water.



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Relieves muscle spasms of the cervical and upper dorsal vertebrae, arising after stress. Reduces pressure on vertebral discs. Prevents deposition of salts in the vertebrae, and problems with vision. Protects from high frequency radiation.

According to numerous legends, many world famous women, like Cleopatra, used to preserve the beauty this casual and at the same time an unusual metal. Copper jewelry worn on the body surface (bracelets etc.) had a beneficial effect. People noticed this a long time ago. Known theirs calming effect and stabilizing blood pressure.

Miraculous properties, copper used in cosmetic and medicinal purposes. This is a wonderful action again begin to use in the past 30 years. Stress, harmful environmental influences cause spasms in our body that block the free flow of vital energy. Acting for a long time in the organs and joints occur chronic disorders, which will eventually develop into a disease. Copper items that are worn on the body, good for unblocking the energy flows of the body, restoring normal operation.

When using copper material is larger and much more efficient is the process of removing the muscle and spasm of blood vessels. Copper, located in textiles, closes electrosmog, thanks to the excellent thermal conductivity and the reflection of infrared rays. Thus over a large area of the body evens out the temperature regime (distribution of heat) and stress. Normalizes blood and lymph circulation, faster restores the body's energy flow.
For several millenniums people used copper for treatment. According to the observations of our ancestors, the copper items they wore for normalize blood pressure, strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Copper is an important trace element. It is absorbed through food, also can through the skin. It is necessary to maintain the amount of copper in the body as its deficiency is the cause of many diseases. BIYOVIS offers copper shawl and copper bedsheet.

Symptoms of copper deficiency

  • Anemia;
  • Problems blood pressure and blood circulation;
  • Osteoporosis;
  • Problems of the spine;
  • Rheumatic and joint pains;
  • Spasms;
  • Hair loss;
  • High cholesterol level;
  • Headache;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Drowsiness, fatigue;
  • Epilepsy, stroke.

One of the special qualities of the copper textiles is that it relieves spasms of the muscles and joints and, in addition, possesses exceptional conductivity, making able to align the thermal heterogeneity of the body. Under its action increases blood flow and circulation of lymphatic system in the body is restored to normal operation.
Copper as a trace element is also very important from biochemical point of view. The daily dose of the trace mineral copper for the body is 1-2 mg, which is absorbed through the skin. In old age even more necessary to maintain the required level of copper, as many diseases in this age are the result of copper deficiency.

Problems and symptoms as a result of a copper shortage

most notably anemia (without copper iron is not absorbed in the hemoglobin). A shortage of copper plays a role in diseases of the coronary vessels and in the development of stroke. A shortage of copper can be the cause of rapid aging, thinning of bones, rheumatic pains.
The important role of copper for healthy growth of bones, cartilage, skin, it kills bacteria, fungi and viruses, is a natural disinfectant. Copper increases blood circulation, improves regeneration after injury.


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