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Relieves muscle spasms of the cervical and upper dorsal vertebrae, arising after stress. Reduces pressure on vertebral discs. Prevents deposition of salts in the vertebrae, and problems with vision. Protects from high frequency radiation.

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150 х 48 cm, 1 pc

Copper shawl (scarf) tied around the neck, relieves muscle spasms of the cervical and upper dorsal vertebrae. This reduces pressure on the vertebral discs. It is possible to prevent the deposition of salts of the vertebrae, the occurrence of vision problems. Freeing interscapular vertebrae, decrease muscle spasms caused by stress. Together the use of physical therapy, massage, medicinal and natural therapy helps in the correction of spinal curvature.
It is impossible to imagine our life without copper.

Possible symptoms of a copper shortage

  • anemia
  • problems blood pressure
  • circulatory problems
  • osteoporosis
  • problems of the spine
  • rheumatic and sustainable
  • infection
  • gray hair and hair loss
  • high cholesterol
  • headaches
  • diabetes
  • drowsiness, fatigue
  • epilepsy, stroke

Based on the experience of the copper scarf is recommended in the following cases

  • neck pain
  • pain in the shoulders
  • stress
  • menstrual cramps
  • disease of professional athletes
  • drafts in the winter
  • clip muscle
  • muscle pain
  • muscle spasms
  • osteoporosis
  • joint pain
  • rheumatic pains

The mechanism of action is based on the textile properties of copper. Copper 8,000 times better conductor of heat than fabric. A significant part of the radiated heat copper reflects. Due to effect balanced heat cramps disappear. We are familiar with the analgesic action of heat. Improves blood circulation. Copper has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral. Is good for anemia. Catalyzes the flow in bones calcium and phosphorus. Increases the activity of the immune system. Textile copper reflects 99% of high frequency radiation.

Use of copper scarf

The appropriate shawl to tie around the neck or tie painful part of the body. In the first week to use often, but for a short time (depending on health, from 10 minutes to 3 hours). The copper will start to remove muscle tension and spasm for many years, and the body must remove the released hazardous substances. Copper relieves spasms areas of the neck, shoulders, therefore, due to blocked still energy on the face may appear red. This is a normal phenomenon.
From the second week can be used continuously. Advisable frequent use frequent headaches and complaints of vision. It is recommended to use in order to prevent finding on the drafts, driving, operation of the air conditioner. Of copper under the action of sweat in natural way there are blue-green stains, they don't even have to try to remove because we are accelerating the wear process. During normal use the expected average life of 1 year.
If during the use of copper handkerchief itching occurs, you should stop its use. This is evident in the first day or two after brief use and tells about a rare Allergy to copper. In this case, its use is undesirable. (Precipitation in a few hours disappear from the surface of the skin.) But itching that occurs after a few months of use suggests that our body has already received enough copper. Then we have to make a break for a few weeks, and then again, you can use the scarf.
No side effects and interactions with other substances was observed.


The copper scarf is polyamide coated copper. Should be washed by hand or program for washing woolen clothes at 30 °C in the powder for washing woolen goods (eg.: Perwoll, Ultra wool). Do not iron! In hung state dries quickly. Is easy to be washed with a small amount of powder.


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