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Main slogan - 100% pure nature!

VivaNatura helps to restore lost health, supports our body, nourishing it with all necessary vitamins and trace elements - which have been created by Nature.
Products especially recommended for busy, active lifestyles people.


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429,00 грн

Contribute to the stabilization of all systems in the body. Especially strengthen the work and function of the immune system, the musculoskeletal system, improve physical strength and endurance, slow down the aging process. Herbal collection helps in


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693,00 грн

Rich of vitamins, minerals, trace elements. Strengthens the body's defense against free radicals, resistance to disease. Maintains the balance of the food processes in the intestine. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases and tumors.


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759,00 грн

Contributes to the normal production of thyroid hormones and normal thyroid function. Supports normal functioning of the nervous system, improves brain activity. All necessary, given the high level of iodine deficiency.


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924,00 грн

Kollagen Peptid is a mixture based on active substances to support healthy skin, connective tissue, muscles and joints. Collagen Peptide (with silicon, MSM and vitamin C) - consists of 18 amino acids, which are biologically absorbed by 90-95%. It transports


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594,00 грн

Contains 46 species of medicinal herbs, dietary fiber, spices, vitamins and enzymes. Cleanses the intestines from harmful bacteria and parasites, detoxifies, restores intestinal flora, carries out detoxification of the body. Contains full facilities for

CURCUMA Mega+ (capsules)

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561,00 грн

Supports liver, bile and gall bladder, stimulates digestion, lowers high cholesterol and regenerates liver cells, stimulates blood circulation, detoxification of the body, prevents the formation of gallstones, increases secretion of breast milk. Antiviral,

DILL (natural insulin)

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429,00 грн

Reduces high blood sugar and blood cholesterol, prevents obesity, normalizes blood pressure. Supports pancreatic function. Recommended for prophylaxis during the influenza epidemic.


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429,00 грн

Has the highest antioxidant status in the world! Natural protection and prevention of the mucosa of the throat from bacteria, viruses and fungi. Restores the immunity and prevents the development of cancer and heart disease.


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759,00 грн

Full Spectrum provides a full range of beneficial bacteria (microbioma) for the digestive system, maintains their optimal balance. Improves the quality of the stomach and intestines, increases immunity, increases life expectancy.


231,00 грн

Revitalizes the beauty of skin, hair and nails. Effective for chronic fatigue and loss of strength, has a refreshing, stimulating effect. Positive effect for reproductive system of men and women.

HUMINICUM (capsules)

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1 848,00 грн

Vitamin-mineral complex on the basis of humic and folic acids to replenish the body of macro-and microelements, vitamins, normalize immune system, detoxification. Antiviral, immunomodulating, cleansing and regenerating means.


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462,00 грн

Balances the intestinal flora and improves intestinal health, increases calcium absorption and improves bone health, helps reduce calorie intake, helps reduce glycemic index and helps control weight, stimulates the immune system.


VivaNatura production launched in 1995 in Hungary.

If today we go to the grocery store we find that 100% pure food does not exist. It's basically artificial, genetically modified foods with flavor enhancers, dyes, preservatives, etc. That kind of food is not only very bad for our body, but lacks the vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy functioning.

VivaNatura production using only 100% natural ingridients. As a result, you get a concentrated product consisting of natural ingredients, created by Nature.



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