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Has the highest antioxidant status in the world! Natural protection and prevention of the mucosa of the throat from bacteria, viruses and fungi. Restores the immunity and prevents the development of cancer and heart disease.

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  • natural protection and prevention of the mucosa of the throat from bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • destroys pathogenic microorganisms and Candida
  • restores the protective forces of the body


Oregano oil, turmeric, oil of cloves, oil of grapefruit seeds, organic sulfur


Natural protection of the throat from bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

FIRE DRAGON with oregano oil concentrate contains extracts from 7 kinds of fruit (the peel) with a maximum concentration of flavonoids, the activity of which sustains Kombucha. Flavonoids are plant substances that the human body affect the activity of various enzymes, protecting human cells from free radicals, restoring the circulatory system. The drug has a total antioxidant status 86 units, while the best global products total 20 units - i.e., the ability to restore the human immune system. It is an absolute champion in this area, particularly important to prevent the development of cancer and heart disease.

The main active ingredient of oregano is the natural phenol known as carvacrol. As an antiseptic, oregano oil exceeds carbolic acid, means for processing the surgical instruments.

When injected into the throat almost immediately destroyed pathogens of all types. As a natural antiseptic has no toxic effect on the body and does not suppress the human immune system. Adsorbed by the mucous membrane of the mouth, enters the blood and is effective against fungi, bacteria and viruses. Proved to be excellent in the therapy of candidiasis.

Has no contraindications.

Method of application

up to 5 times a day (0.75 ml) directly injected into the oral mucosa, until the disappearance of pain in the throat. If necessary, the dose can be increased.


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