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Rich of vitamins, minerals, trace elements. Strengthens the body's defense against free radicals, resistance to disease. Maintains the balance of the food processes in the intestine. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases and tumors.
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Strengthening the immune system, the protective properties of the body, improves vision, strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Contains Kombucha concentrate with the content of flavonoids from nine fruit concentrates.


  • concentrate of Kombucha (water, sugar, black tea, cabbage);
  • malt juice concentrate;
  • concentrate of fruit juices;
  • apple juice concentrate;
  • blueberry juice concentrate;
  • concentrate of sour fruit juice;
  • concentrate of black cream juice;
  • blue grape extract;
  • lemon acid.

Kombucha processes sugar and tea during fermentation, from which physiologically useful substances are created.


10-20 ml / day.

Concentrate can be used without dilution, or diluted with water in a ratio of 1:5.

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