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Contains 46 species of medicinal herbs, dietary fiber, spices, vitamins and enzymes. Cleanses the intestines from harmful bacteria and parasites, detoxifies, restores intestinal flora, carries out detoxification of the body. Contains full facilities for treatment and recovery.

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  • cleanses the intestines from harmful bacteria and parasites
  • detoxification of the body
  • restores the intestinal flora
  • detoxifies and removes fungi

Colon Control is vegetable powder of green plants to detoxify the body and restore intestinal flora.

Using Colon Control is carried out cleaning of the intestine from harmful bacteria, parasites, regenerates the intestinal flora. The powder is layered and consists of 46 components. Excretes toxins, removes fungi. Apply Colon Control is recommended twice a year - in spring and autumn. It is known that the intestinal flora is individual to each person. Scientists believe how many fingerprints - there is so much of the intestinal flora. But few people know that under favorable conditions the intestinal bacteria are able to double for half an hour. Colon Control creates an environment in the gut where the beneficial bacteria grow in two times. Thus, increase protective forces of an organism as a whole.

Colon Control is the basis for a new quality of life that allows the body to cleanse, restore, strengthen vital energy, physical strength and work capacity.


rye groats, dill leaves, pumpkin, coconut fiber, citrus fiber, Apple pectin, ground Kombucha, inulin, pectin, chicory root, leaves of tarragon (tarragon), brought, horseradish root, cabbage, coriander seeds, flax seeds, wheat grass, celery leaves, zealot (aluminum - potassium silicate), coral calcium, MSM, rosemary leaves, broccoli, papaya leaf, turmeric, vitamin C, green tea leaves, himalayan salt, olive leaves, pineapple, fruits of black elderberry, white mustard seeds, cumin seeds, anis, spotted thistle, dandelion root, oregano leaves, shitake mushroom, magnesium sulfate, yarrow, potassium, bromelain, pepper.

Method of application

morning and evening, scoop (10g) mixed in a glass of warm water (200 ml) before meals. A course of 20 days will provide for the body long-term and sustainable result.

Storage method: store in a cool, dry and dark place.


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