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Effective with frequent colds, weak immunity, after and during antibiotics, with ARVI, hypoavitaminosis and low overall activity and depletion of the body.
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MegaVit is a multivitamin with rosehip and echinacea extract, in powder for children, with a pleasant orange flavor.

Megavit is a complex of multivitamins and minerals in the form of a powder mixture, which is diluted in water and used as a drink for the daily balanced replenishment of the child’s body with essential vitamins and minerals, for growth, for physical and mental development, for strengthening muscle, immune, endocrine, nervous systems, and to maintain stable work of the whole organism.

Active ingredients

xylitol (natural sweetener), magnesium citrate, natural orange flavor, vitamin C (ascorbic acid, citric acid anhydrite), rosehip extract (Rosa Canina fruit D/E 5:1), extract from Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea ariel part D/E 10:1), vitamin E (sunflower oil, corn starch, sucrose, gum arabic), zinc citrate, vitamin B3 (niacinamide), vitamin B1 (thiamine hydrochloride), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), iron (gluconate anhydrite), vitamin B12 (cobalamin), vitamin D3 (maltodextrin cholecalciferol), folic acid (glutamic I am acid), copper.

Recommendations for use

  • as maintenance therapy for colds;
  • as a prevention of hypovitaminosis and lack of minerals;
  • as prevention of rickets;
  • with unbalanced diet;
  • as an additional source of vitamins and minerals with poor appetite;
  • in support of the body after illness.

Methot of use

Children from 6 years old - 1 scoop (6 gr.) Of the powder mixture, dissolved in 150 ml of water, consumed 2 times a day during breakfast and lunch.
Children from 3 to 6 years old - 1 scoop (6 gr.) Of the powder mixture, dissolved in 150 ml of water, consumed 1 time per day during breakfast.
For children from 2 years, 1/2 of a measuring spoon (3g) should be dissolved in 150 ml of water, consumed 1 time per day during breakfast.


in a dry place inaccessible to children, up to 25°C.
It is recommended to use within 2 months after opening the contents!


Not recommended for autoimmune diseases, while taking immunosuppressants, individual sensitivity and allergy to components.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!
Excessive consumption can cause diarrhea!

Pharmachologic effect

Rosehip extract is a multivitamin remedy of plant origin, has immunostimulatory activity against humoral and cellular immunity, has anti-scing and restorative effect, increases the body's resistance to harmful effects, stimulates the functions of the sex glands, reduces the fragility of blood vessels, enhances regeneration in soft and bone tissues . It has a choleretic effect, improves metabolic processes in the liver.
Echinacea purpurea extract - has antiviral, antibacterial properties. It includes a complex of substances that increase the phagocytic activity of neutrophils and macrophages, improve the function of T - helper cells. Polysaccharides, betaine, levulose improve metabolic processes in the liver and kidneys.
Vitamin C - is responsible for the density of the vascular walls, for the body's defenses, helps to form an adequate immune response to viral infections.
Vitamins of B group - help to form the myelin sheath of nerve fibers and ensure the functioning of the central nervous system.
Vitamin D3 - the main function of vitamin D is to regulate the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, which contributes to proper mineralization, formation and development of the skeleton. Regulates the work of systems and organs. It is an immunomodulator and anti-rachitic factor.
Iron - is involved in the formation of hemoglobin, through which it is possible to transfer oxygen by the red blood cells.
Copper - synthesizes proteins, enzymes and promotes the immune system. Takes part in the process of blood formation.
Zinc - also helps produce immune defense factors, is involved in the metabolism of nucleic acids.
Magnesium - normalizes the nervous system, muscle tissue, is involved in neuro-muscular communication.
Folic acid is a prophylaxis of anemia, hypovitaminosis and vitamin deficiency.


Active ingredients Daily dose
of active ingredient (2x6g)
NRV, %
Vitamin C 200 мг 250
Magnesium 75 мг 20
Zinc 2,8 мг 28
Vitamin B3 3 мг 18,75
Vitamin B1 1,6 мг 145,5
Copper 200 мкг 20
Vitamin B6 1,6 мг 114,28
Folic acid 32 мкг 16
Vitamin D3 25 мкг 500
Vitamin B12 0,38 мкг 15,2
Echinacea Extract 50 мг -
Rosehip Extract 100 мг -


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