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New Products. Spring 2017


Recommended when mental work, frequent stressful situations, for students. Replenishes vital vitamins and microelements. Improves brain function, strengthens the heart. Promotes the production of male germ cells.


Regulates female sexual function, facilitates the menopause. Apply in the case of complaints during the menstrual period and decrease libido caused by a stressful lifestyle.
Is an analogue of the Juvenal.


Improves function of the pelvic organs, increases the potency and libido. Reduces irritability, headaches and menstrual pain. Effective in erectile dysfunction (for men). Increases the level of oxygen in the blood, contributes to the overall recovery of the body.


Used to relieve puffiness and cleansing the body. Increases libido, relieves inflammation of the urogenital system. Strengthens the immune system. Restore the physical state of the organism, especially in depression after giving birth, exhaustion.

BODY SCRUB with Kukui oil Soliteint

Gently cleanses the skin, restores elasticity and velvety. Improve skin regeneration and the skin's metabolism, accelerate healing, protect against solar UF-radiation and from harmful environmental influences.


Hypoallergenic cream with no smell & color. Easily absorbed, relieves irritation, used when allergic rashes. Contains vitamins: A,E,D,F, natural ingredients that are good for sensitive skin.

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