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FEMINOVIS (capsules)

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Regulates female sexual function, facilitates the menopause. Apply in the case of complaints during the menstrual period and decrease libido caused by a stressful lifestyle.
Is an analogue of the Juvenal.
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60 capsules

FeminoVis capsules by regulating female sexual function seeks to facilitate those periods in the lives of women that for many women create severe discomfort.

The name of this period is MENOPAUSE!

However, FeminoVis capsules can be used not only in case of complaints during menopause, but in the case of complaints during the menstrual period and decrease libido caused by a stressful lifestyle nowadays.
Ancient ingredients can help to get rid of these problems.
What solution offers by traditional medicine in the above cases?
Traditional medicine offers to treat these complaints, occur during these periods through artificial replacement hormones.

Scientific work:
"Side effects of hormone therapy on the basis of progestins appointed to alleviate menopausal symptoms can include the following: brain atrophy, memory impairment, dementia. Hormone therapy, which often given to women during menopause can accelerate the reduction of brain tissue. This was recently published two new scientific articles in the American medical monthly "Neurology".
According to the results of scientific studies among women who received hormone therapy, especially those who were more than 65 years, the degree of atrophy of the brain more than average statistic women of the same age. And earlier appeared the publication that women older who received hormone therapy on the basis of progestins worsen the function of thinking and memory, and occurs most frequently in dementia."

A good circumstance that for the compensation of hormones there is a natural alternative - and the development of FeminoVis of Biyovis Company back to many thousands of years of alternative solution of this problem, with the use of medicinal herbs. When developing products using these active substances, which in ancient Chinese and Indian medicine has already proven its effectiveness and use for a long time has confirmed their reliability.

Fenugreek (Trigonellafoenum-graecum) and its use in medicine was mentioned in the most ancient documents of human history in the papyrus Ebers, (approx. 2OOO - 3ООО years BC), which means that its use already has 5 thousand years of history!
Since then, it has accumulated a lot of experience with the active substances contained in the seeds of paganica, among which those that affect women's sexual function are especially important to us.
Fenugreek has a so-called action of "phytoestrogens", that means can replace the action of natural estrogenic hormones (binds to same receptors to which estrogen), and this reduces the symptoms caused by lack of estrogen.
In other cases, fenugreek has other, positive actions. Observed its beneficial effect in reducing menstrual pain in nursing mothers promotes lactation, and in almost all age groups in women it increases libido. This is an advantage for the reason that menopause in many women is accompanied with a decrease in libido!

Another FeminoVis active substance is soya isoflavone. This material is derived from soy beans (Glycine soya) has a very serious and longstanding literature on the subject of its favorable action on the menopausal syndrome.
Soy isoflavones also possess "fitoestrogeny" effect, well compensate the unpleasant symptoms that arise as a consequence of the reduction of estrogen, especially effective in combination with pajitnika.
According to the latest results of studies two compounds of soybean isoflavonoids - genistein and genistein have including a very strong antitumor effect particularly effective against tumor cells that cause breast cancer.
In all probability this is the reason of the phenomenon that among women in the Far East (where soy is a traditional part of the daily diet), the lowest level in the world of the disease of breast cancer. Reduced estrogen levels, in addition to the typical menopausal symptoms, creates and other physical problems - accelerates the process of osteoporosis.
The fact that using phytoestrogens we are able to quasi-normalize the estrogen levels, we can prevent or slow down the process of already-existing osteoporosis.

Licorice extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra) - is also the ancient traditional product from medicinal plants. Known for its common, harmonizing properties, and also properties relieving menstrual pain, and supports the immune system, and also ascribe to him phytoestrogen action.

When sharing them with other herbs they reinforce each other's action. One of the active ingredients in the licorice - glabridin - recently revealed that he is able to optimize the function of fat cells through the regulation of genes responsible for the tendency to obesity, and thus glabridin able to prevent weight gain in menopause.
Products FeminoVis, in addition to medicinal plants, also contains vitamins and zinc. Vitamin B6 additionally helps to regulate endocrine function, enhances the effect of phytoestrogens. Vitamin E is a General immunity booster, an antioxidant and plays an important role in supporting normal functions of the genital organs.

Zinc (Zn) is the most multilateral of the mineral substance to living organisms, it is necessary for the proper functioning of 350 enzymatic systems. Along with other action - strengthens the immune system, protects our cells from oxidative stress, supports normal DNA synthesis, and plays an important role in supporting reproductive processes, and reproductive functions.

Method of application

take one capsule twice a day, morning and evening before meals.


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