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Humic acid. Comprehensive recovery of the body

It's no secret that the state of people's health dramatically deteriorates. The reasons for this are several. The dominant can be considered a growing imbalance of ecological system, to compensate for which Mother Nature is no longer able. Urban population from infancy to drink poisoned water, breathe poisoned air, eat food only vaguely reminiscent of their natural counterparts. Antibiotic impregnated fabric is not capable to resist the penetration of infection, immunity reached a state that any  sneezing in the transport neighbor  may disable the protective functions of the organism.

The desire to protect people from simple extinction and mutations sensible doctors look for powerful natural ingredients that will help to cope with internal problems and external threats.

Thanks to the work of American scientists revealed how many important substances can supply humic acid for human, his immune system and General health.

According to many foreign researchers Humic acid is the missing link in our food chain. The formation of humic acids in nature is the interaction between organic and inorganic processes. It is suggested that these processes initiated the formation of organic life on Earth.

Drugs based on them contain the essential amino acids, trace elements, polysaccharides and vitamins. These high-molecular substances are embedded in the ion exchange and sorption processes in the body, broken caught in it salts of heavy metals and other toxic compounds. Forming a connection with the metal ions in the body, humic acid creates a natural barrier to the harmful effects and make the skin and mucous membranes are particularly susceptible to reaction with components of the environment necessary to maintain health.


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