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GREEN SHELL - when joints diseases

Green Shell capsules offers a new way to treat rheumatic patients. This product contains green shellfish powder and marine fish protein, which contain large amounts of glucose-amino glucan (GAG), which helps the body produce synovial fluid and prevents joint disease. GAG makes synovial fluid thick, "sliding" - thus the joints become motile. Thanks to this lubricant, the articular cartilage again receives nutrients, the ability to recover appears. Acute pain decreases or disappears completely.

Green Shell BIYOVIS proved to be effective because they contain natural raw materials from New Zealand with the highest concentration of active substances, of the highest quality and in the largest dosage.

For what problems are recommended

  • rheumatic and joint diseases;
  • inflammation of the joints;
  • wear of the joints;

To whom is recommended

  • for all, as the probability of rheumatic diseases increases with age;
  • overweight people;
  • athletes;
  • suffering from problems of the musculoskeletal system.

Receiving capsules does not cause pain in the stomach and intestines. Thus, the capsules not only restore the articular cartilage and reduce pain, but also protect the mycoderma of the digestive system.




Bertsy Ishtvan (Hungary), creator of the Green Shell


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