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Holistic approach to healing the body through ozone therapy, magnetic therapy, laser therapy and detoxification

Ozone therapy is the use of various concentrations of ozone-oxygen mixtures obtained from special devices - ozonizers for the purpose of human health improvement.

Magnetotherapy. The normal stress of the Earth’s magnetic field is one of the conditions for the normal permeability of the membranes of all cells. With the help of a magnetic field and electrical impulses, information is exchanged between cells and the regulation of metabolism. Over the past 50 years, the magnetic field of the Earth has decreased by 30 percent, and daily changes in the magnetic field associated with changes in solar activity have become more frequent. Changes in the magnetic field of the Earth lead to a change in the tone of human blood vessels with the occurrence of heart attacks, strokes and impairment of performance for a long time.

Laser therapy is the use for the treatment and prevention of active red in the range with a length of 660-800 nm. A feature of the laser beam is that all oscillations of light waves occur in the same plane. This gives certain properties of these rays - deep permeability through human human tissue up to 6 cm and high energy, which, when exposed to blood cells, causes a change in the permeability of blood cell membranes and the release of biologically active substances into plasma. They have a vasodilator, anesthetic, regenerating, antiallergic, immunostimulating action. There is a very launch of its own biological substances necessary for self-healing of the body.

Detoxification is a system of procedures that promote the removal of foreign chemicals, allergens, toxins, parasites, viruses, bacteria of heavy metals through the natural ways of excretion of detoxification (kidney-liver-gastrointestinal tract-skin).



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