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Holistic approach to healing the Human body through ozone therapy, magnetic therapy, laser therapy and detoxification

Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy is the use of various concentrations of ozone-oxygen mixtures obtained from special devices - ozonizers for the purpose of human health improvement.
Ozone-oxygen mixture has the following properties:

  • bactericidal;
  • virucidal;
  • fungicidal;
  • vasodilator;
  • immunomodulatory;
  • deodorizing;
  • hemorheological;
  • regenerating;
  • detoxification.

Ozone-oxygen mixture is unstable, at room temperature of 20-30 degrees it decomposes 3 hours before pure oxygen. By passing the ozone-acid mixture through certain liquids, ozone dissolves in them while maintaining its healing properties. The lower the solution temperature, the longer the ozone concentration remains in them. In distilled water it lasts up to 3-4 hours, and in the physiological solution 30-40 minutes, in vegetable oil - 1 hour, in human blood - 3 months. BIYOVIS ozonizers produce homeopathic low doses of ozone from air oxygen. When air passes through the ozonizer, bacteria, viruses, allergens are destroyed by oxidation, and dust particles, animal hair, which can contain parasite eggs, infections, plant and biological allergens, are glued. When ozone decays in the room, negative oxygen ions are formed.
For human health requires a concentration of oxygen ions of at least 4000 ions per centimeter cubic. To date, measurements by scientists have shown that in closed rooms there are no more than 300-500 negative ions per centimeter cubic. Ozonizers maintain the necessary therapeutic concentrations for 10 years. Negative air ions are vital to human health. Absorbing into the blood from inhaled air, air ions prevent gluing of blood cells, maintaining the electrical charge of blood cell membranes, and their ability to transport oxygen, as well as the ability to phagnate (absorb) oncocell and microbes, depends on this.

Magnetic therapy

The normal stress of the Earth’s magnetic field is one of the conditions for the normal permeability of the membranes of all cells. With the help of a magnetic field and electric impulses information is exchanged between cells and regulation of metabolism. Over the past 50 years, the magnetic field of the Earth has decreased by 30 percent, daily changes in the magnetic field associated with changes in solar activity have become more frequent. Changes in the magnetic field of the Earth lead to a change in the tone of human blood vessels with the occurrence of heart attacks, strokes and impairment of performance for a long time.
The use of the magnet "Lukab Magnator" allows you to make a magnetic treatment of the basic human tissue, carrying out the main connection between all the organs - human blood. Since human erythrocytes contain iron, the magnet affects all blood, and this is 3-4 liters of blood. The frequency of oscillations of a normal human cell is fixed on a magnet - 8 hertz, and these vibrations are transmitted through blood to all tissues.
Blood treated with Lukab Magnator has anesthetic, vasodilator, antispasmodic, anti-edematous, sedative effect. This allows magnetic therapy for almost all diseases and for prophylaxis.
There are contraindications: children and people whose weight is less than 45 kg. Pregnant women and lactating mothers. People with a pacemaker, and patients with fever.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is the use for the treatment and prevention of active red color in the range with a length of 660 nm - “Safe laser 150" and 800 nm - "Safe laser 500". A feature of the laser beam is that all oscillations of light waves occur in the same plane. This gives certain properties of these rays - deep permeability through human human tissue up to 6 cm and high energy, which, when exposed to blood cells, causes a change in the permeability of blood cell membranes and the release of biologically active substances into plasma. They have a vasodilator, anesthetic, regenerating, antiallergic, immunostimulating action. There is a very launch of its own biological substances necessary for self-healing of the body.
The uniqueness of the laser is that with a local effect on the capillary network of the nasal cavity, the middle ear membrane, the treatment of the human bloodstream occurs and the overall effect on the whole blood. Special scattering nozzle allows you to optimize the scattering of the beam and protect the retina from the laser beam.


All modern gerontologists, rehabilitators agree that longevity is the mandatory 4 components in life:

  1. Spirituality (positive thinking).
  2. Detoxification.
  3. Diet (a balanced diet and a good drink).
  4. Movement (physical regular loads before sweating - at least 60 minutes).

Detoxification is a system of procedures that promote the removal of foreign chemicals, allergens, toxins, parasites, viruses, bacteria of heavy metals from the body through the natural ways of excreting detoxification (kidney-liver-gastrointestinal tract-skin). To cleanse the body, special devices can be used, for example, “Detox Spa”.

Stages of detoxification:

Health laws:

  • Graduation
  • Constancy
  • Continuity.
  • Plannedness.
  • Awareness.
  • Control.
  • Constant increase in the level of adaptation (health stock).
  • Willingness to take responsibility for their own health.

I wish You all health, success, well-being!

Valery Melnik,
Anesthesiologist-resuscitator, ozone therapy, Lviv


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