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Heavy metals. Ways of protection of the body


Heavy metals

Entry into the body through water, air (vegetables, fish, chemical additives for the food industry). Heavy metals harmful to the body both in large and in small quantity. Even the ones that are needed by the body poisoning it.

Harmful effects on the body

- bind to the proteins;
- cadmium, lead and mercury can displace essential metals from prosthetic groups of enzymes (iron, zinc, selenium, copper, and calcium);
- a failure in metabolic processes, protein synthesis, hinders the process of DNA repair, the production of free radicals in large quantities;
- can cause neurological disorders, the destruction of the myelin sheath, destroying cells, memory disorders, musculoskeletal system and tactile capabilities;
- cause chronic illness, it is difficult excreted through the large intestine, or does not appear depositing on the cellular level of the body;
- excessive accumulation of these substances in land and water;
- for the treatment a comprehensive approach is needed.

Symptoms caused by heavy metals

• Aluminium: Dementia (madness), Parkinson's disease, disorders of coordination of movements, disorders of concentration.
• Arsenic: peripheral injury of the nervous system, paresthesia, schizophrenia, mental disorders.
• Plumbum: depression, tendency to suicide, fatigue (decreased performance), the disorders of attention and memory, chronic fatigue, dizziness, anxiety, aggressiveness, psychoses, hallucinations, peripheral polyneuropathy.
• Copper: Ataxia (impaired coordination of movement), intellectual disability, dementia.
• Nickel: headache, dizziness, insomnia.
• Mercury: low level of intellect, giddiness, defects of speech, anxiety, aggressiveness, auditory and visual hallucinations, neuropathy, myasthenia gravis (muscle weakness), sclerosis.
• Organic lead (tetraethyl lead): brain edema, nausea, vomiting, golovokrugenie, visual hallucinations, cramps, forgetfulness, fatigue, apathy, headache, sleep disturbance.


1. Twice a year - make detoxing with Bionet Tea
2. Physical exercises improve blood circulation - detoxification through sweating (sauna, Detox device Bionet)
3. The seed oil of milk thistle
4. Drops of dandelion
5. Drops of black radish
6. Drops of goldenrod
7. Drops cranberry


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