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Healthy skin is a healthy body

The human body is a holistic system

There is no a local disease - always hurts the system as a whole. I, as a dermatologist want to note that there are no skin diseases without pathology of the internal organs.
Therefore, the approach to the treatment of skin diseases should be comprehensive, aimed at the improvement of the whole organism. All working in the BIONET company, were convinced that the product successfully helps with many dermatological diseases: pustular, fungal, viral lesions of the skin and mucous membranes, allergic and autoimmune diseases, burns, injuries, insect bites, and diseases of hair and nails.
I would like to discuss one disease that is considered incurable all over the world, and has frequent relapses, and in some cases leads to disability and severe emotional distress is psoriasis.
The reason for its appearance is unknown. There are many ways to treat psoriasis, but they generally have a short-term therapeutic effect. Some are difficult to use and expensive, have adverse side effects on the human body.


And what is profitable different BIONET (Biyovis) products from these drugs?

• It is made from natural products and provides effects on the body natural factors (medicinal herbs, oxygen and negative ions, magnetic therapy).
• Normalizes metabolism, improves the functioning of all organs and systems, increases resistance of the body's defenses.

In my practice, I used the BIONET products for the treatment of psoriasis: Tea collection. Fruit fiber, vitamins BIONET, Elixir, Active balm, magnetic therapy and ozone therapy.
Under my observation there were 10 patients with different forms of the disease, and in all cases was a positive result. After treatment, there was no recurrence during the year. In two cases, no recurrence for two years.
From the above we can draw the following conclusions:
• Application of BIONET products for psoriasis treatment gives a good result, i.e. leads to the disappearance of clinical manifestations on the skin.
• With regular use the products 2-3 times a year and the constant action of the ozonator goes to stable and lasting remission.
Suffering from psoriasis is known as beneficial to the recovery of natural factors: sun light, clean air; sea and sun baths; the use of plant foods rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. But for many patients it's very expensive.
In this case, the products of the company BIONET is a good help in the treatment. It revitalizes the entire body and ensures the disappearance of cutaneous manifestations of psoriasis.
I want to draw attention to features of the use of these products depending on the stage of the disease. In the first stage, when are the abundant rash on the skin, it is not practical to assign a magnet and tea BIONET - it can contribute to the spread of rashes. It is better to start with Fruit fiber, Vitamins and Elixir to prevent the occurrence of new lesions and scaling. It is in the stage of regression, it is advisable to add Luka-Magnator, tea collection and Active balm. Good effects of Antibacterial soap, which contributes to the rejection of scales and softens the skin. Beneficial effect baths with sea salt and magnetic water.


Why are the BIONET products are very good for many diseases?

It is universal, natural: it accumulated energy of the Earth, Sun and Space.
If a person has a high energy potential, is he able to cope with any pathogenic factors.


ЕHippocrates has said: "Medicine is the art to imitate to the healing effects of nature."

Let's follow this wise saying!

Svetlana Ruhm


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